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  1. Choices and Decisions

    Thanks! And my area is systematic theology.
  2. Choices and Decisions

    I just got a fellowship offer from CUA and will be accepting the offer! If it's any encouragement to anyone here--I will be withdrawing my application from Marquette and Baylor and hopefully improving the chances or expediting the situation for someone here. Best of luck all.
  3. Choices and Decisions

    No news here, except that I got a slightly unclear email from the area director at one of my waitlist schools. The email seemed to say that he was trying to set up a fellowship for me, but that the decision wasn't his. I guess that means that he is trying to get an extra funded spot for me. Does it? I also heard from Baylor. Prof. Nogalski said (last week) that one of the two offers was still up in the air (they were still waiting for a decision from the initial recipient of the offer). Also, he said that the waitlist for the theology subfield wasn't ranked yet (maybe he was just being evasive on this point, though).
  4. Choices and Decisions

    I called and left a message at the admissions office and this is an excerpt of what they said in an email reply: We have sent out our initial offer letters but, we’ve only heard back from four of these applicants. We have to wait until we hear from three more before we extend any other offers. Our waitlist letters also went out and it is a pretty long list. I won’t be sending out any rejection letters until the end of March however, if you’ve not heard from us yet, you probably won’t make it this year. We still have 77 applications without decisions, just for the Ph.D. spots. I am sorry that I don’t have more encouraging words to offer.
  5. PhD Applications Fall '17 Season

    If you want to hold out, I suggest you press the departments to give you a clear idea of what your odds of getting an offer are. ND's waitlist system is an enigma to me, but, if your chances of getting a spot depends on the chances that one of the accepted ST applicants decides to turn an offer down, I wouldn't hold your breath.
  6. PhD Applications Fall '17 Season

    I talked to Cheron Price to see what the eta on the decisions would be, and she said that they would likely come tomorrow. I know of someone who got an early answer but he has military funding. Also, it looks like someone in systematics was able to get word on his application by emailing a prof. yesterday (wish I had done that).
  7. PhD Applications Fall '17 Season

    Sorry Knight George, I assumed that you were waitlisted at Marquette. I guess I don't know what your situation means. Still, I suspect that my point may be relevant somehow.
  8. PhD Applications Fall '17 Season

    There were a number of accepted Marquette applicants at the weekend event (this past weekend) at Notre Dame. The ones that I heard from hadn't accepted their offers yet. My sense is that new offers will be handed down to people on the waitlists at Catholic institutions like Marquette and CUA if/when people who have offers from these institutions get preferred offers from ND and subsequently turn down Marquette and CUA.
  9. Choices and Decisions

    Can anyone claim that acceptance from Notre Dame in the results? And if so, what subfield are you in?
  10. Choices and Decisions

    I thought it'd be fun to add more waitlists to the list, and maybe we can soon get a sense of how long these waitlists are. So I (a systematic theology applicant) am waitlisted at CUA, Marquette (I was told that I was third on the list, btw) and Baylor. I haven't been accepted anywhere yet, and my hope for a direct offer is at Notre Dame (my top school), where I interviewed this weekend and expect to hear back by Friday or Saturday.