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  1. And yet if I made a typo on my 10 page writing sample, my app would be thrown away with great haste. Seems fair.
  2. Does anyone know if any other top tier schools are still accepting applications/have late app deadlines?
  3. From UVA's website FAQ: 2. How difficult is it to get accepted to your program? We accept about eleven doctoral students a year out of an applicant pool of over 170. The typical admitted student has a GRE Verbal score of around 150 and higher, a GPA over 3.8 from a competitive university or college, and very strong letters of recommendation. Applicants admitted into the MA program are occasionally a bit weaker but often have scores comparable to those of the PhD applicants, though they may be slightly lower. Is this (1) a typo; or (2) a joke?
  4. Thanks for this. Again congrats. Enjoy the moment. Victories such as this in life are few and far between.
  5. Congrats Fordlandia and Muse. I wish I got in also. If you don't mind me asking, what were your GRE scores that you were worried weren't competitive? Were they above HDS medians? Sorry to ask for so much, just trying to assess why I got dinged. How was your language prep?
  6. Congrats. Can you post your stats please?
  7. I didn't. Honestly, I'm just confused about what these folks want. For a M* level app, my tangibles are quite strong--so I thought.
  8. Let's get a pool going here: when do y'all think Harvard will release decisions? I vote for Friday at 4:59. Because, of course that would happen.
  9. They emailed me and told me that *every single one* of their first round offers accepted (in only my subfield (liturgy)). I can't catch a break. Can't wait for the Harvard rejection to come out.
  10. Lol. Crushingly for my ego, I am Catholic.
  11. GRE: 164V/155Q/4.5 AW; Language: 1 year Latin in grad school; 3.92 gGPA (abysmal undergrad GPA--mid 2's.); Undergrad: Uni ranked just outside top 100 USNews (So, middling); Special achievments: None. Just a regular breh. You?
  12. Hey what were your stats that you got in to Notre Dame with? I'm trying to figure out what went wrong where I only got waitlisted...
  13. If I don't get in to Harvard, most likely either DeVry or the University of Phoenix (Online). Will keep you brehs posted for sheezy though.
  14. Thanks. This is gold. If only someone had posted this last year before I got rejected by YDS... You know anything about time travel? Back in '82, I could throw a pigskin a quarter mile. I'd also go back in time and contact Yale faculty. Also, XYpathos, do you know if Harvard is of this same mindset?
  15. Best of luck to you as well. Hopefully good things are in store for us. What concentration did you apply for at HDS? Where else did you apply?
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