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  1. Even if the 15th falls on a Sunday? They're pretty committed to this whole 15th business...
  2. Does anyone think Yale decisions might go up today?
  3. Does anyone know when Yale's MAR results will come out this year? It's usually the 15th, but the 15th is a Sunday. So can we expect results on Friday the 13th? Actually, that makes sense...
  4. So are we pretty sure that all subfields are out? No one has posted on the results section aside from 2. Should we abandon all hope?
  5. I was liturgical studies. Thanks for the condolences. I did apply again, but I have not heard anything as yet. I wonder if that means I'm dinged... Have all subfields gone out yet, or just Moral Theo and WRWC? Does anyone know? What number are you on the waitlist?
  6. What program did you apply for the MTS for? WRWC? I was waitlisted last year and didn't get in.
  7. If you are in at Notre Dame, you will hear back around Feb. 22/23. If you don't hear back then, you got dinged. I was waitlisted last year to their MTS. The year before that I was dinged. Hence I know. From experience.
  8. Yes--I hope to have my rejections by Friday.
  9. It looks like some ND applicants got interview invites today. Does anyone know if they have all gone out? Or should we still be holding our breath for certain areas of emphasis?
  10. The middle name in conjunction with location is the killer.
  11. So how do you purge your internet presence? Delete accounts? Or just delete any polarizing posts or anything suggestive of politics/religion?
  12. What if our political leanings and theological leanings are evident on the face of our social media accounts? Are we S.O.L. for every school whose adcom members are of a different political/theological bent? I am worried that my extracurriculars will sink me. I've said some pretty jerky things online before (cough...twitter). How devastating is all that stuff?
  13. Does this happen? And how do I set up such an alert system? Do schools use google results to screen applicants???
  14. Cool. That's actually a really interesting question--especially in light of the Church's longtime teaching that the liturgy is the "privileged place of evangelization." How many liturgy applicants are there for ND's theology phd? I wonder if it's over/underrepresented in terms of theology applications. Have you heard any other interesting tidbits about their selection process/program in general?
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