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  1. Would it be common to pursue a Mdiv after finishing a MTS degree? By the way, Do you know what's the chances of working with an emeritus professor in seminary? Do they still teach class or seminar? There are two professor I am very interested in at Duke Divinity but now both of them are all emeritus professor.
  2. It wasn't a significant health problem I think. There was a problem with my ankle and it reoccurred frequently during semesters. It was pretty painful and I couldn't walk for about a week every time it happened. The doctor only gave me painkillers, which didn't really work and asked me to ice my ankle... Would the admission office put more weights on my one semester's grades in seminary than my four years' grades in undergrad when evaluating the application?
  3. That's quite encouraging. I can think of some Duke and PTS professors such as McCormack and Hunsinger whom I am interested in working with. Do you think a campus visit and talking to the professor may improve my chances when applying for a master program in PTS?
  4. Hi, Congrats on your acceptance! I am currently thinking about transfer to a mainline school from my current evangelical seminary as well. Could you give me some advise on this? I am interested in Duke and Princeton Seminary. I had a poor undergrad gpa. I only attend one semester so far with 3.7 gpa. Do you think I have a chance if I apply transfer to Princeton Seminary? My major concern is my undergrad gpa. I am not sure one semester's coursework at my current seminary can prove my academic ability to the admission office.
  5. Thank you for you advise! The main concern was that I only complete one semester's classes at my current seminary. I am very interested in Duke divinity school and Princeton Seminary. But I am not sure how the admission office evaluates one's undergrad coursework after graduation. I will definitely start talking to the admission counselors.
  6. Hello all! I looking for some advises on transferring to a mainline seminary from my current Evangelical school. I finished my undergrad with an unideal GPA, about 2.4. I only finished one semester in my current school with a semester GPA 3.7. I am attending a MTS program right now and I become very interested in theology. Now I am thinking about pursing a Phd program after I graduate. I think that to better my odds to get into a top Phd program, I need a master from a mainline seminary. I am wondering what my chances are if I decide to apply for transfer to a MDive program at Duke, Yale or Princeton seminary in the middle of my program. I know that my undergrad GPA is not great. I didn't do well in my first two years because I was struggling with my science major. In my third year I switched to English Literature. Then I tried to take as many classes as I can to catch up but I was overwhelmed by the heavy course works. As a result, I didn't boom up my GPA too much. I also had a health issue at that time and I was greatly distracted by it. Three of my professors had to give me late grade after the semester is over due to my health problem. That also left a mark on my transcript. I wondering if my one semester's grades at current school can prove that I am capable of doing academic work. Any advises on how should I explain about my undergrad gpa in my PS? Should I finish my first master degree first and then apply for a mainline seminary or transfer right now in the middle of my program?
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