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  1. guys, any suggestions for asking more scholarship from the school? I am accepted into a seminary within the Toronto school of Theology but TST doesn't give international student scholarships. The seminary only offers a small amount of bursary compared to tuition. any suggestions on finding outside scholarships?
  2. Thanks for answering my question. I do plan to pursue a Phd in tope tier program. Is there other college at TST worth looking into with special attention? How about a second Mdiv degree in Yale Duke or Princeton after MTS at Wycliffe?
  3. Admitted to the MTS program at Wycliffe College and Toronto school of Theology. I am not very familiar with Canadian school's theology and biblical studies academic reputation. After looking at their faculty list, I found there are some interesting professors in Wycliffe I want to study with. Does anyone know how good Wycliffe College is compared to top schools in America like Duke,Yale or Princeton?
  4. Hi Xypathos, thank you for your advise. I didn't have a very competitive GPA. My church requires me to attend an evangelical seminary but I hope I could eventually get my master from a mainline seminary like Yale. As a result, a one year diploma degree could be a "stepping stone" in my opinion.
  5. Hi, thank you for you comments. I had a bachelor degree in English literature and didn't really have a competitive GPA. I kinda want to have some experience studying at different seminaries across denominations and countries. More importantly, my church has a conservative evangelical background. My pastor and elders won't agree to write me a pastoral reference if I apply to mainline seminaries, which they consider those schools as liberal... So I figure that I can apply for Yale, Duke, or Princeton after I had a diploma degree from an evangelical seminary.
  6. Hello all! I am planning on pursuing a theological education at a graduate level. I wish I could get into some top divinity schools so that I could pursue a Phd degree later on. Would it be a good idea to attend a one year diploma degree at a Canadian seminary ( such as Regent or Wycliffe College) first to improve my chances in getting into a top Mdiv program?
  7. Thanks! Would it be helpful if I submit an extra writing sample or other supporting materials? maybe extra recommendation letter?
  8. Hi, thank you for you advise very much! I decide to apply for emory's master of divinity program instead. In their handbook. it says "All completed applications, regard- less of the GPA of the applicant, will be fully reviewed by the admissions committee". Does that mean the GPA is not a important factor in admission to master of divinity program? I was chemistry major in my first two years in college and I did very badly (it was my parents decision). I failed and retook some science and math class but still didn't get good grades. Do I need to explain that in my personal statement? Best
  9. Hi, I am considering to go to a program which can be both practical and academic. At first I wish to go to a MTS program directly and then purse a Phd degree. Later I find that my church need people who can do some pastoral caring works. With a pure academic degree I am not sure if I am capable to help people who are having difficulties in faith or in their life. Is the master of religious leadership from emory's school of theology a good program for my situation? I hope I can purse a MTS then probably a Phd after I gain some practical training. Any suggestions? What's the chances for getting into this program? My undergrad GPA wasn't very idea, about 2.8.
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