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  1. There is almost no analytic philosophy outside of analytic philosophy, it would be really wack if evangelion started spouting Kripke
  2. I'd be so down for that.......but imagine the travesty that would be Analytic Philosophy of Evangelion. Side note, is the Human Instrumentality Project the fabled analytic/continental synthesis?
  3. Anyone else on the waitlist for Indiana HPS PhD?
  4. Congrats! Also, I just finished Evangelion and now your username hits a lot different
  5. Wow! That would be A Lot. On the bright side, maybe one of the people who I'm waiting for on a PhD waitlist, who is waiting on another person on another waitlist, will defer their admission 🤙
  6. I have been thinking about how old most distinguished profs are...... yikes😬
  7. Yeah, I've never heard of this. A prof will either have the time and willingness to help you, or will not & will tell you so. If they do help you, an appreciative e-mail is all that is expected. Likely, they'd be uncomfortable with anything more
  8. Hello,I am sure that you can see on the online application whether or not the fee can be paid with a MasterCard. Otherwise, you will have to use a different type of card, like Visa or Discover. Hope this clears things up.
  9. Yeah, like hopefully school won't need to be virtual come september??
  10. Do you think the April 15th deadline will be extended due to corona?
  11. I don't think analytic philosophy's gonna get you outta this one, spud
  12. Bottom line, I think you gotta just "read the room" or people will get a n g e r y, as a general matter
  13. Thanks for spreading your passion & good vibes--the faculty at my undergrad have been really important figures in my life & when I heard claims about BC being a "cashcow MA", I was very upset given that their course offerings and specialties look awesome. I got accepted into the program so I will definitely keep your input in mind
  14. Just checked the website again & I've been accepted!
  15. One of 6! Congrats on that. I don't know anything about their funding situation, but I am personally outraged that they accepted 6/170 of their applicants and can't even offer y'all funding. Good luck!
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