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  1. Hello everyone, I received an unofficial offer from the DGS on Monday. I replied that I am still interested in joining the program and was told that an official admission offer would be issued soon. The DGS mentioned it would take a couple of days for the central admissions office to process the offer and send it to me. I wondered what a timeline is for a couple of days and whether it is a good idea to follow up tomorrow that I haven't received the letter yet. It is pretty late in this admissions cycle, and I would appreciate any thoughts or advice on this matter as I am
  2. Hello everyone, I hope this admissions cycle is going well, and you know where you are going next fall. I was admitted but waitlisted for funding at my top choice program. Over the last couple of weeks, this has been anxiety-inducing, jeopardizing my productivity, happiness, and sense of self-worth. If you get me started, I tend to go on and on about how I am currently an absolute mess. I have been in touch with my POI and the DGS, who said the funding situation would get clarified over the coming weeks, after they hear back from funded students and other potential funding sour
  3. @musicdegree4me I am on a funding waitlist for a phd program. Can you please elaborate on wether this same analogy "giving away what little leverage you have left for what essentially amounts to very little gained" applies to my situation? I have emailed my POI reiterating my interest on Friday and updating him on my discussion with the admissions coordinator, haven't heard back yet :(. I am thinking of emailing the admissions coordinator sometimes next week using a similar email structure as above, do you all think this is a good idea? Good luck everyone!!
  4. Thanks for sharing your experience! It seems like we are both on the same boat, but congrats on your acceptance; well done. I understand the emotional fluctuations and hard work we've put into this. I sincerely hope it works out for us. The pandemic has certainly caused funding cuts and even more factors involved beyond our control. Have you thought of writing a letter of continued interest sometimes close to the April 15th deadline? Thinking of having another of my professors write a rec letter to admissions; any thoughts on this? I would be happy to connect!
  5. That's it. I may be sick... I need someone to hold me up. I was accepted at my top choice program in early January for a Ph.D. in Applied Math. However, my offer did not include financial support. It stated that I might be given one depending on the department's budget development. I reached out to my POI about the situation. He expressed enthusiasm, mentioning my application is considered strong, and there is a good chance of obtaining funding. Following my POI advice, I wrote to the grad school coordinator to reiterate my interest in the program and inquire about the funding situation.
  6. Thanks for your response and kind words. Yes, I am referring to 2/11 and the deadline to commit is indeed April 15, so I will surely follow up next week as you suggested. Best of luck on you application as well!
  7. Hello everyone. I was admitted to a Ph.D. program in applied math in early January, but my offer did not include any funding. However, it states that they might offer it later, depending on their budget development. On Thursday, I have reached out to the program coordinator, with whom I've had prior contact, inquiring about the funding situation and explaining that cost of attendance is an overriding concern for me; I haven't got any replies. In a prior discussion three weeks ago, my POI advised me to reach out and mentioned that my application is considered strong, so there are good chan
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