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  1. Rejected from Western Ontario. This one makes me wonder. I was waitlisted at Western last cycle. My thought this time around was that I would at least get waitlisted again considering my application was much improved (specifically the writing sample. Also, more conference experience). Of course, there are other factors such as the number of applicants this year compared to last, the quality of the applicants, the admissions committee, and perhaps others. Still, this makes me think there is much more that is out of one's control in the process than I previously imagined. That I could impro
  2. Accepted to UWaterloo yesterday. Might end up being my only acceptance, but I'm ok with that.
  3. Rejected from Rice. Tension in rising...👀
  4. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Officially rejected from Chicago. ?
  5. Hello. I too am a applying to PhD programs with the long-term goal of working in academia. What I've been doing is trying to figure out what the profile of a successful tenure-track hire is. What are the strategic rules of the academic job market game? In my field (philosophy), there are a few things which seem to correlate with ones chances of finding a job after graduation. The things that seem to most influence a candidates competitiveness on the market seem to be; 1) the prestige of the institution from which they received their PhD 2) the candidates publication record,
  6. An anecdote: I have a terminal MA, and I would not be in a position to even think about doing a PhD if it were not for my cohort. My peers were exceedingly supportive of my work, and I of theirs. Our co-operation made us all better students and better philosophers, and therefore better applicants for PhD programs than we otherwise would have been.
  7. The claim that the GRE measures 'general intelligence' is one I've encountered before, but not one that anyone has ever been able to substantiate. What sort of background theory of intelligence must one accept to believe that a standardized test on which writers perform a very narrow set of skills in a set period of time is a good measure of it? It must be an extremely narrow view of what intelligence is if we are to take seriously the GRE, or any other standardized test, is a measure of it. That the concept of intelligence is complex and one which can manifest itself is many ways coupled wi
  8. I fail to see how a test which only measures a person's ability to take said test is a useful data point for anything at all. Considering the most popular GRE study guides out there come with flashcard components is clear indication that memorizing GRE vocabulary is one of the most common ways to study for the verbal section. I know this from experience. I wrote the test twice and scored 3 points higher on the verbal section the second time around. The only thing I did differently was memorize more terms. And some of the questions I got wrong I did so for no other reason than I did not
  9. Lots of things correlate with intelligence. It does not follow that each of those things is a good data point to consider when trying to determining who has the potential to succeed in grad school. There are many students who get excellent GRE scores, but can't handle grad school. And there are many who get less than excellent scores and do fine in grad school. That the GRE is not a good predictor of success in grad school is reason enough to jettison it as a component of grad applications. Look, I'm sure a person has to be some sort of smart to be able to memorize a bunch of words and an
  10. I'd say my primary AOI is meta-ethics and moral psychology.
  11. Aight yo, time to bring this thread back to life. It's me, ya boi! I'm back from the dead for a second attempt at this PhD shit. Last cycle was a disaster. I'll post my stats later. This time around I've been much more strategic and calculated. Here is a list of schools I'm planning on applying to: University of Southern California, Princeton University, University of Chicago, University of Notre Dame, University of California-San Diego, University of Virginia, Georgetown University, Syracuse University, Vanderbilt University, Johns Hopkins University, Rice University, McGill Univer
  12. Looks like I'm wait-listed at Virginia, which means ya boi is still alive!
  13. Got my rejection from Arizona this afternoon as well. Just UNC and Virginia left to hear back from for me.
  14. Stanford rejection came in this morning. At this point, I've already begun planning for things not involving graduate school (in Philosophy). Still 3 places to hear back from for me and only a waitlist to my name.
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