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  1. In my view, placement records are worth little. They may instill in you a false sense of security if you go to a place like Tufts (not that SFU wouldn't do the same). Like others have said, a good applicant is a good applicant. Now the question for you is whether you think that the resources at Tufts are that much better that you would be a better applicant just for going to Tufts. It seems like the answer could be yes if you go into your MA aimlessly, but if you show up with purpose and actively try to be the best applicant you can be (which sounds like what you're planning), I'm not sure there would be any difference. Even if you think there would be a difference, the Tufts price tag is probably not worth the difference.
  2. It seems pretty clear that you will be receiving good news soon (if any news that is not a straight-up rejection is good news). I know it probably seems crazy to be optimistic, but I would be in this particular instance.
  3. Yeah that helps. You also need your UM ID from the receipt email after you go through the prospective students link.
  4. There's a list on this forum somewhere of all funded MA programs...its a few years old but I don't think much has changed.
  5. There is no update on my portal either.
  6. Congrats! Did you get your call from DGS, POI, or someone else? Did they give any information as to whether there are any more offers to go around?
  7. rejected from Irvine via email @ 3:30 am EST. Sweet dreams.....
  8. I've not been notified either and I'm kinda happy about it 😕
  9. Where are the editors, and board members of well-regarded journals, and anthologies, etc? You talk about publications like knowing the editor of Ethics doesn't give you a big in (just an example--I know the editor was at Georgetown but the editorship has recently changed hands). You'll see they're mostly the ones sitting at the top universities. So, while they may be just as good philosophers as some at lower ranked universities, I'm not sure that correlates to the kind of resource that is most important in landing a job after PhD.
  10. Rejected from Yale and Minnesota this morning via email to check portal.
  11. Congrats, so you see I'm right. Peter Singer Thanks for actually providing a substantive answer rather than just appealing to the fact that you went to law school. Again, people seem to be misunderstanding me--I'm not against AA, I never claimed AA per se is against the law, all I claim is that it is legally questionable, and the fact that questions of AA have been in and out of courts for decades, as you have noted, provides enough evidence to think that.
  12. Yeah, I understand the loopholes that are available to make decisions based on factors that aren't allowed usually. And I'm not saying that the female candidates aren't qualified--in fact, for various reasons they may be more qualified than their male counterparts (especially if they're a double or triple threat, which, in academia, is someone diverse in two or three respects). But this is not supposed to be an explicit consideration, and the fact that it is just means that males with equal qualifications are not being considered. Even if it is not an insidious plot and more just a consequence of human psychology, it is still problematic; since, particularly, it is legally questionable, and we're all supposed to follow the laws. I'm not sure you understand what it is for something to be illegal. If something is easily the source of lawsuits then it is probably illegal; if not there will be plausible arguments to be made for its illegality. Minimally, it is weird to hold both that you don't think it is likely to be illegal, but will also easily be a source of lawsuits. Maybe affirmative action is normatively justified, but I know philosophers more accomplished than you that think raping an unconscious woman is sometimes morally neutral. So, I'm not quite sure how we should handle normative claims in the real world.
  13. This is partly why I'm interested because it is also probably legally iffy even if they didn't announce it ahead of time. To admit that it was a consideration is enough to tick the boxes if it is indeed against the law.
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