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  1. Hmm, that does not sound good. I hope he is not representative of the CEU study body. That professor sounds like a real dud. This is a surprise, because I have heard from European academics (at a conference) that the program has a good reputation and that I would get a good education there. One of my letter writers (also a European) said positive things about it too. I am fairly divided in my interests and swing both ways: phenomenology/existentialsm on the continental side, and logic, philosophy of language, cognitive science, and philosophy of mind on the analytic side of things.
  2. Hello, I was accepted to CEU's one-year MA program with full tuition remission, paid-for health insurance, accommodation for the first month, and a modest stipend (EUR240/month for Vienna and EUR160/month for the time in Budapest). The stipend isn't a ton, but I am still excited about the offer. I am not concerned about the current controversy there (the EU is now supporting them, so that situation is becoming less intense). Does anyone here have any experiences there or know someone who attended? Thanks.
  3. One school I was invited to interview at is having two separate Fridays that interviewees can choose from. Not long ago I picked mine and received a schedule. It involves an orientation, three one-on-one interviews with faculty members, and two faculty presentations -- altogether from 9 to a meeting with graduate students at 2:30. Does that seem short or given that they are doing it two separate days is that about right? Also how long do the one-on-one interviews last? I have been preparing but still honestly have no clue what to expect given how differently schools do it.
  4. I saw a few of you mention cognitive science, which seems largely for psychology and computer science majors with a math background. I have a degree in philosophy, and I applied to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's cognitive science program. They recently extended their deadlines. Has anyone here heard anything about them? The program seems so off the grid and unconventional and no one is talking about .
  5. Hello, I see that Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has extended its undergraduate and graduate application deadlines. Does this mean that there was a drop in their usual numbers or that there weren't enough applicants? I thought that at first, but then I saw that the undergrad had its deadline extended as well, so I don't know. It seems like a new trend in schools these days. I saw someone on these forums last year who applied and got in. It looks like the guy had stellar everything -- gpa, research experience, the whole thing. I have a pretty weak math background myself. Also d
  6. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had any tips about applying to Duquesne? Thanks.
  7. Hello! I was wondering if anyone on here is applying to Duquesne's Clinical Psychology program for Fall 2019 admission. I would appreciate your input! Does anyone know what Duquesne expects out of the "personal essay"? "Trace the development of your thinking with respect to psychology as a human science. Emphasize the authors and theories that have had the most impact on your conception of psychology. Discuss how you see the relationship between psychology and cultural diversity." Is this the same as the personal statement of interest? Also would the psychology GRE subject test
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