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  1. Presumed rejection by Michigan and Pittsburg(Phil).
  2. Accepted to Arizona PhD program w/ funding and UCSD PhD program w/ funding.
  3. Accepted to Oxford BPhil in philosophy (also waitlisted to Oxford MSt in philosophy of physics). No words about funding.
  4. Also accepted to Toronto Philosophy PhD w/ funding via email!
  5. According to announcements in Facebook group, we know at least two acceptances and one waitlist. I have no idea whatsoever about whether all offers are out, but as of now I tend to assume that the ship has sailed. Nevertheless, I do indeed have one question: it seems that Berkeley announced all their offers via phone calls, but what about international applicants? Does that mean no international applicant is accepted this year?
  6. Probably silly question, but can anyone point me to the post or comment in FB group that claims Berkeley acceptance/waitlist? I have checked recent posts in the FB group multiple times but do not seem to be able to locate those claims……
  7. Yes I do think this is the case, that UCI is only admitting the 11 applicants that got the interviews, and only waitlisting the 5 applicants that got the waitlist. Plus, the results page also says that UCI is only giving those 11 people interviews rather than formal offers to satisfy certain university-level requirement at UCI. So I think it makes sense to view those interview invitations as de facto offers. As for people who have received neither interview-invite nor waitlist notification (like me myself...), yes I think it is safe to say that we are rejected.
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