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  1. I added a public message on the administrator account's board. How this has been handled is just wrong.
  2. I would like to call your attention to the threads listed below. Changing the Psychology forum name to Clinical Psychology is exclusionary and not representative of the psychological sciences as a field. So far, you have demonstrate extreme uncaring, not even opening the messages users of that forum have sent you complaining about the change. In sum, community wants you to change the forum name back. Continuing to ignore us is unprofessional behavior. It royally sucks to be cast out of a community you have been a caring member of for so long.


  3. Well, then maybe it's time to follow up with them? Or for us to ask directly? Alternatively, I may just ditch this forum. Reddit may be better going forward. I know I have no reason to stick around a forum that's excluding my entire subfield... along with most of the psychological scienes.
  4. This exactly. Frankly, this is a stupid, exclusionary change. Clinicians obviously felt comfortable posting here before, and non-clinical psychologists deserve a place on gradcafe. I am really not seeing the benefits of this decision. I support changing the name back.
  5. There are a few options here. UMD offers stats workshops both online and in person on some advanced (e.g., SEM) and elementary topics. For more intensive experiences, there are workshops like ICPSR or Stats Camp. Sometimes workshops are also attached to conferences/preconferences.
  6. What programs did all of you apply to? I applied to quite a few HDFS programs last year Don't worry too much that you havent heard anything from certain programs yet, btw. I know that the program where I did my MA accepts people all the way into April. I think I heard the most concrete news from programs in February. HDFS programs also dont always interview -- sometimes they cold accept people as slots/funding opens up. I'm guessing that funding is crazier than usual this year, so many programs may just not know what they can offer yet.
  7. Many (unsure of the exact proportion) will have *some* funding or funding on an as-needed basis. This may have changed due to COVID, but both the school I did my undergrad at and the school I did my masters at had funded MA programs, even if they weren't officially advertised that way. Instead, I think they said something on their websites or in their grad handbooks on giving funding to MA students where possible. But at my undergrad (midwestern university) that ended up being a fair proportion of students. During my MA (East Coast) I was funded at the highest level. It was more than enough to
  8. I’d recommend formal attire — but also watch for whether they give any clues in the invite/the invites to specific events. Personally, I’m really hoping that programs match interviewees with current students (as they would with a homestay). When I interviewed last year the students I stayed with were so helpful in resolving any concerns I had about how formal/not to dress for specific events. I also learned much more about the programs that way that I ever would have otherwise. As far as showing up well on camera goes, I’ve actually done a fair bit of reading on this just for classes and
  9. This isn't necessarily true for marriage and family therapy (MFT) programs. I've been at three schools housing them, and I've had friends in all three programs. They all required a MA to even be considered. Some schools giving MFT PhD degrees also house MA programs (e.g., Auburn) but some don't (e.g., UGA). OP, how geographically constrained are you? Also, what are your eventual goals?
  10. My best advice is a) to google the questions they might ask you (why their program, why their lab, what is your research experience, where do you want your research to go, etc.) For this, it's good to have a decent working knowledge of the program and what your goals might be if you go there (if they have a graduate handbook, look through that). Are there any classes you particularly want to take? Certificates you might want to earn? Demonstrate excitement about the program and what you could accomplish there! Then, I recommend having an endless list of questions. You're interviewing/ass
  11. Wait, does it say that this should be a personal or family related challenge?
  12. I don’t think it’s a good idea to discuss personal mental health problems, regardless of whether you can spin it positively. It’s too personal, and these people don’t know you. Think of it the same way you might think of telling someone personal info while getting to know them. If you rush into telling someone very personal info shortly after meeting them the best case scenario is that you’re going to come across as not having good boundaries, worst case as weird or creepy. When you add to this that the people reading your application are also, potentially, your bosses and colleagues... it jus
  13. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. That's incredibly rough. Sending lots of internet support! There are a few paths I know of to get to psychometric expertise, and I want to pass them on since they're likely not as competitive as clinical psychology and may have more/different funding opportunities. First, take a look at education departments. Many have degrees or specializations in quantitative methods, which is testing in educational setting. These programs are variable, but some will let you tailor your experience so that it includes both working with kids and psychometrics. Second,
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