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Hi! I just got into Villanova's psychology masters program for the fall. I am from NY and will either be completing my master degree in NY at Queens College or away at Villanova. This is a big decision for me as I have never previously gone away to school. I also didn't receive any stipend/finding as I applied too late. I know Villanova has a wonderful reputation as a university but does anyone know anything about their reputation in the psych world? I feel that having Villanova on my resume might help with my future applications to PHD/PsyD programs, but how recognized is Villanova's psych program? If I were to go, I would like to almost guarantee that I can get into a great clinical doctorate program since Villanova seems to have the research opportunities I need before applying. Any advice would be great!

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I did psych at Villanova for undergrad! Although it's difficult to say whether or not going there or anywhere really can *guarantee* you getting into a great PsyD program... From my experience, Nova has a really good reputation as a university and the psych department seems well known. The program and department there from my experience are really excellent and I think they prepared me really well for graduate work in psych. Not to mention I've met other Nova psych grads that got into great research programs/labs, so I think it can be a great jumping off point.

Do you already have an advisor? or would you rather not say?

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