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  1. knight26

    How to make the most of my undergrad years..

    That definitely goes to show your talent and work ethic, congratulations! Luckily, I am able to do the clinical track and still (ideally) have time for a good bit of research, because all the track changes are the courses I take.
  2. knight26

    How to make the most of my undergrad years..

    Thank you so much! I definitely understand the longer experiences being better, I hope to find a lab I can stick with! I wouldn't be opposed to taking time off but as of now my ultimate goal is to be accepted out of undergrad, though I know not to get my hopes up or bank on this completely. One more quick follow up Q: Is there any benefit to doing the clinical track, since I'll be able to take electives/courses that more closely align with my interests and such, or is undergrad curriculum not examined much except to see if the major is there? Thanks again!
  3. knight26

    How to make the most of my undergrad years..

    Thank you so much unfortunately, even to be a volunteer RA, I need to have completed stats and research methods, which will be complete by the end of this upcoming year. I might ask the professor I TA with if I can join their lab, as I feel we are already developing a good rapport. Thanks again!
  4. knight26

    How to make the most of my undergrad years..

    Thank you! That's what I've been told, unfortunately there only seems to be one avenue through my university, though I will of course look for other opportunities: "In this program, students research, write, defend and publish an original Honors thesis that serves as the capstone product of their undergraduate career. This thesis is published through the university library and is available to researchers worldwide through electronic databases." Either way I plan on doing it, but is this viewed as 'meh' by many programs? Sorry for all the questions!
  5. Hello all, I'm new here, and also a youngin'! I just finished my freshman year and, yes, I am already worrying about grad school ?I am majoring in Psychology (doing the Clinical Track) and minoring in Cognitive Science..my end goal is a Clinical Psych PhD focusing on children and adolescents. There are so many things we are told *must* be accomplished during our undergraduate years in order to be a worthy applicant, or even have a chance, so I figured I would come straight to the people who know best! I have a TA position lined up for later this summer, and plan on doing honors in the major research junior year, finding an RA position, etc, etc, but any advice from the more seasoned would be extremely helpful! Thank you so much!

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