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  1. Lol if there was ever a PhD only field it would be particle physics.
  2. If those stats are actually true you could get into way better programs then PSU
  3. Hi all, I still have yet to hear from one of my top programs. I have other offers but can not make an informed decision with out the full picture. My question is should I contact my POI that I interviewed with, or should I seek out a status from the admissions officer? Is there any negative to reaching out for a status update (it is April for Fs sake)?
  4. I just had two papers accepted at a conference. I did not make any mention of them in my application. Should I contact the admissions of each school I have applied and give them the information of the papers? I am first and second author on these and had sort of forgotten about them ?
  5. @moods thanks for the reply. I am planning on applying to a couple other programs as well. I just do not have the money to waste on a “no shot” application.
  6. Hello I was hoping I could receive some feedback. I am looking to apply to MIT caltech and Berkeley. I am worried they may be a bit out of my reach. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I go to a small non prestigious urban public school Graduating with BS in ME this spring seeking fall 19 grad enrollment ultimately leading to PhD GPA-4.0/4.0 class standing - numero uno GRE (V,Q,A)- 154,164,4.5 publications- second or third coauthor on 3 relatively good journal articles, 4 peer reviewed conference papers, 2 additional journal papers submitted (first author o
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