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Am I too ambitious with my school choices


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Hello I was hoping I could receive some feedback. I am looking to apply to MIT caltech and Berkeley. I am worried they may be a bit out of my reach. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I go to a small non prestigious urban public school

Graduating with BS in ME this spring seeking fall 19 grad enrollment ultimately leading to PhD


class standing - numero uno

GRE (V,Q,A)- 154,164,4.5

publications- second or third coauthor on 3 relatively good journal articles, 4 peer reviewed conference papers, 2 additional journal papers submitted (first author on one of these)

research experience - two full years hands on work in my field of interest

Awards- ASME regional award, two poster awards (1st and second) presenting own research

LOR - one is great two are good

SOP - whose to say



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@Chrono I don't think they are too ambitious. You have a wonderful GPA, good GRE scores, great research experience with some publications and such, and some awards. However, I would suggest applying to a few more places. It is recommended to apply to about 5 to 8 universities.

I hope this helps and good luck!

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