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  1. Same. If anyone in Sociology/WGS/CRT got accepted or honorable mentioned and is willing to share materials, let me know.
  2. Got my rejection! I can breathe again! Time to start round 2!
  3. I'm in Texas too. Haven't heard a peep. But yes, congrats to those who got it! I know for many it takes several times at applying and I genuinely am glad for y'all!
  4. You did get a sad "thank you for applying" email? I haven't gotten anything in my inbox yet, so I'm just going slightly insane.
  5. Portal looks the same. No email. ACK. I don't know how to concentrate like this. I really am okay with not getting it, I just need to know either way so that I can move on with my life (and start drafting another application).
  6. Does anyone know if they contact honorable mentions right away as well? I've heard rumblings of a waitlist type thing. In what circumstances do you think one would decide not to accept the fellowship?
  7. Nothing yet. Keeping my fingers crossed that we hear soon!
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