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  1. @Kaede Did you get invited through Harvard MCO? I think they mentioned in my acceptance email there will be an event but I haven't gotten any details about it yet
  2. So for those starting rotations in late August, when is the best time to start contacting PIs? I know whose labs I would like to rotate in, but I don't know if it's too early to start sending emails
  3. Hi there! When I first applied to grad school, I indicated biochemistry as my field of interest and therefore I didn't take any subject test. So if this is also your case, I would say don't worry about it. In hindsight after talking to other applicants during interviews, I think taking any GRE subject test is useless unless you have a low GPA or your school is not very well known or if you didn't major in the sciences. Just save your money if you can. There are other more important factors than tests (such as LORs). I hope that helps!
  4. I heard back yesterday. I went to the first Open House
  5. @Molecular wonder are you an American resident/citizen? If so, I think this could be a factor they are taking into account. I don't think age should be a factor as long as you have things that make you stand out. As @LoveMysterious mentioned, coming from industry and mentioning that you want to go back to industry after getting your PhD might be a "kiss of death". Depending on the program you apply to, some faculty might feel like you might not need a PhD if you want to stay in industry (in fact, some of them might think a Master's could be more appropriate) and that could be affecting yo
  6. Hi guys! So I am highly considering cancelling an interview because I just feel overwhelmed by all the work I am behind on and I will probably not attend this program. However, they already bought plane tickets for me and I don't know how to go about it. Has somebody been through a similar experience? Do you know if I'd have to pay for the plane tickets if I cancel? I'd really appreciate your help!
  7. Has anybody gotten their interview itinerary for Columbia CMBS? Interviews are next week and haven't heard from them.
  8. Oh God. I was just about to ask if anybody got invites from Stanford Biology. I assume I didn't get an invite, then lol. Congrats by the way!
  9. It is true that international students get the same amount of funding once they get in, but funding available for them might be limited in some schools. I will refer to the post made by Orims: "Applying as an international student was very scary and all I was aiming for was to get into 1 school. Today I cannot believe I was offered 5 interviews and pretty much accepted everywhere I interviewed (MIT wanted to accept me but wait-listed me since I went to their last recruitment week and they had already ran short on international funding). If I could give any advice for people applying with
  10. I am actually very curious about this too. My impression from the posts I have encountered here is that it doesn't matter as long as you are not an international student. I could be wrong tho.
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