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  1. Does anyone know if its possible to upgrade from a PGS-D to a CGS-D the following year?
  2. Hey thanks! and thank you to everyone who voiced congratulations. I am sorry I don't mean to seem too braggy earlier I just wanted to let people know that the truth is out there somewhere! Hoping you all have shiny CGS-D's to tell me about tomorrow haha!
  3. lol how do you get an obsessedwiththefolder.com email? asking for a friend haha
  4. So just so I understand, if I received news from school X that I was offered an award, but now I am leaning towards attending school Y. Does that mean I might not be able to accept my award at that school?
  5. just FYI, as I know there is a lot of talk about last names and such. Mine starts with R, I have yet to receive the 2 emails regarding the extranet, but my results were sent to my department earlier this aft.
  6. CGS is more $$$, and can only be tendered within Canada. PGS can be taken internationally.
  7. Sorry, I my mistake. I did not ask my supervisor, but asked the graduate studies coordinator in the department.
  8. Received PGS-D3, notified by graduate supervisor. They received notice this aft.
  9. emailed my graduate coordinator to see if they have the results yet, the suspense is killing me about the next two emails let alone the actual announcement!
  10. "creative" is a very polite way of putting it! I would rather have had radio silence for one more day and then the result! Not gonna be able to get any work done for the next 24 hours!
  11. Just got the email. Last name R.
  12. Hey everyone, got a quick question. I am applying this cycle to some top programs. My GRE is a 162/162/6.0. Lots of programs state that the GRE is optional. I know my V/Q scores are maybe a little below 'average' for applicants to Harvard/MIT/Stanford..., but the AW score definitely surprised the heck out of me as I thought I would do meh on it. I guess my question is that do you think that submitting my score could do any harm to my application? Is it better to just leave it a mystery? P.S. I know a 162/162 is not a bad score overall, but purely given the stats of others on the results page it seems a little lower end of the pack.
  13. Undergrad Institution: Queen's University - CanadaMajor(s): Life ScienceMinor(s): MathematicsOverall GPA(Undergrad): 3.83 Overall GPA (Masters):4.0Type of Student: InternationalGRE Scores (revised/old version):Q: 162V: 162W: 5.0 Research Experience: Two years summer lab positions in undergrad for reputable PIs. Two undergrad theses (bioinformatics, molecular genetics). Master's (molecular genetics) complete in May (expected). Visiting grad student in an HMS lab (synthetic biology).Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Dean's list every year. Canadian Space Agency grant. A few smaller scholarships/awards. Two conference speakerships, one at an international conference (idk if this matters lol), one poster, one paper published in conference proceedings, one journal publication submitted.Pertinent Activities or Jobs: I've TA'd three undergrad courses in molecular genetics / bioinformatics, Won a ntl. research competition for conducting MSc. work in 0G w/ the space agency.Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: Lots of extracurriculars and volunteering experienceSpecial Bonus Points: I haven't been in my current position all that long so I might not ask because idk if it's appropriate, but my current supervisor is pretty well known so she would definitely help as a reference. I don't know, I think space is pretty cool and unique on an application, not a lot of people have flown with their theses in zero gravity, but maybe I'm a bit biased, some adcomms might definitely view space life science as a bit fringe even tho its totally cool!Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: I guess I have a pretty broad skillset, bioinformatics, laboratory work, mechanical/electrical engineering... I had to built my thesis before I could use it to test genetics things! but I feel like a lot of people have diverse academic backgrounds and stuff.Applying to Where: A few places in the States, I only really want to go down there if I get into a moonshot program so don't hate on my smaller sample size haha. Otherwise I'll tough it out at U of T and try to get a prof to let me do synthetic biology in their lab! Harvard BBS Harvard Systems Biology (dept. in which I'm working now) MIT Biology MIT Bioengineering Stanford Bio Stanford Bioengineering University of Toronto (maybe MolGen, maybe CSB, idk) My main question is really whether to include my GRE scores on applications where they are optional, like I know my scores aren't bad, but there are many applicants to the programs I selected with higher scores, will submitting a 5.0/162/162 help or hurt me? I would honestly be so appreciative of any opinions you may have!
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