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  1. If you mean my NSERC pin it's 559
  2. Just got rejected in 198 at 12:54, last name H and application number 557xxx. But I don't think you can see your application number before you get the results (it's different from the nserc pin) Last year I got waitlisted and this year not even that 😕
  3. "Your documents will be displayed below shortly. You will be notified once they are available." All lies....
  4. Last year the rankings came out along with the results
  5. Uh oh... I didn't get results in 198 yet and my last name is H
  6. I'm a PhD student at a US university so a direct applicant.
  7. Still waiting for 198 here
  8. I believe the sites are different. The link from last year takes me to my old letters and the link from this year's email takes me to an empty applicant library. The two sites use the same login though.
  9. 89/166, seems unlikely I'll make it off the waitlist
  10. Got alternate for committee 198, at 2:37pm. EDIT wait does everyone who gets rejected get an alternate, or should I keep my hopes up?
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