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  1. I have to choose between interviews in early or late February. Is there any advantage to go to the first interview? Do admissions tend to be rolling?
  2. Different Cornell Programs?

    I was in the process of applying for Cornell University's BMCB program. Then I noticed that Weill Cornell has a BCMB program. It doesn't seem like they are the same program. Does anybody know what the differences are? Could I apply for both?
  3. Recommendations Question?

    Yes both of them have PhDs.
  4. Recommendations Question?

    I graduated from a top public university in 2014 and I've been working in the biotech industry (laboratory work) for about 1.5 years. I spent 6 months as a contractor at the first biotech company and then switched to a full time gig at the other company which I am currently still there. Both companies are very big. Every academia lab pretty much uses the products they make. I have about 2 years of research experience working in an academia lab as an undergrad. I'm getting a letter from my PI as an undergraduate. I'm considering getting the other two letters from a scientist at my first company and a scientist at the second company I worked at. How is this looked upon?