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  1. I have to choose between interviews in early or late February. Is there any advantage to go to the first interview? Do admissions tend to be rolling?
  2. slrpatty

    Different Cornell Programs?

    I was in the process of applying for Cornell University's BMCB program. Then I noticed that Weill Cornell has a BCMB program. It doesn't seem like they are the same program. Does anybody know what the differences are? Could I apply for both?
  3. slrpatty

    Recommendations Question?

    Yes both of them have PhDs.
  4. slrpatty

    Recommendations Question?

    I graduated from a top public university in 2014 and I've been working in the biotech industry (laboratory work) for about 1.5 years. I spent 6 months as a contractor at the first biotech company and then switched to a full time gig at the other company which I am currently still there. Both companies are very big. Every academia lab pretty much uses the products they make. I have about 2 years of research experience working in an academia lab as an undergrad. I'm getting a letter from my PI as an undergraduate. I'm considering getting the other two letters from a scientist at my first company and a scientist at the second company I worked at. How is this looked upon?

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