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  1. I just met this great PI, his work interests me so much, his personality fits with mine. However, he is old - 70s - and seems to be in miserable health. I like to be in his lab, but would he be around until I'm done? That question would make me lose sleep for the next five years
  2. AjjA

    Choosing PI

    I spend most of my free time now a days reading about PIs and their Pubmed pages, trying to figure out where to go for rotations. Since I'm interested in translational research more, I found most of the PIs publish their work in journals with impact factors range from 3 - 10. Ones publish in Nature and Science are usually basic research, at least at this school. As you may know from my previous post, I'm not quite happy with the school ( and the only option ) I'm going to this full. I thought I'd compensate this low achievement by working harder in grad school and publish in top journal.
  3. Indiana was the only interview I got. I've been trying to avoid grad school for the past two years, applied to a lot of postdoc. positions, impossible to get without being a first author. I decided to go to Indiana. Thank you for your input everyone.
  4. Thank you all. I really appreciate your input. My question now, although sounds like a reconciliation with IUPUI, how common for graduate student to ( make it ) in such low ranked school. And by make it I mean publishing in top journals. The comment of jaesango has made me do some thinking. I can see the possibility of working in some labs there. But still concerned about the role of the PI/school reputation and ranking in my success. Me, I can change, at least theortically, but I can't do anything about the school/PI. Another question, which is easier, to reapply or to transfer. I'm thi
  5. MD ( international), GPA 3.9, three years of research experience at top US schools, two publications, GRE ( V. 154, Q146, AW3.5). Things can be changed/added : GRE score, I didn't study well last time, I believe I can do much better. I also can have the result prior to the deadline. Two publications are expected to be published by August. Things cannot be changed are recommendation letters, I didn't perform well in my first lab, the PI there told me I'm not even at the top 10% category and discouraged me from applying to top school. I don't think he will change his mind. I was a li
  6. I messed up in my GREs, submitted the result very late and it was a terrible one. Recommendation letters were not that great as well, I have a very good one, I don't know about the other two. I suspect one of them at least wasn't that great. I received rejections from all schools except one ( Indiana University at Indianapolis ). The city seems nice and affordable, a lot of labs there, friendly faces everywhere. But I have developed some interest in cancer immunotherapy, I don't see Indiana U. as a major player at this research. My current PI advised me to be more flexible and find anoth
  7. I will be attending the IBMG program at Indiana University - Indianapolis this August. I was wondering if anyone here is?
  8. I'm still working as a full time technician. I accepted a grad school offer for the Fall 2016. When should I started contacting PIs and ask them about rotating at their labs? Should I contact them directly or through some office in the school?
  9. Hi, Is there any foreign medical graduates out there planning to go to graduate school? I'm in a quite dilemma about my plans and I need some advice, Thank you
  10. Has anyone here applied to MD Anderson? I want to know how competitive it is.
  11. Receiving a rejection letter from Sloan Kettering made me wondering if it's still a good idea to apply to MD Anderson. How competitive Immunology at MD anderson is? I see the US ranking for University of Texas at Houston falls in the 50s. Yet MD anderson could be one of the top ten at cancer research.
  12. Hi, I couldn't meet the application submission deadline for two schools out of ten. My recommenders have already submitted their letters to these two. Is it possible that the admission office of these two schools transfer my letters to other schools with Mid December deadline? I just don't want to contact the recommenders again for some personal reason.
  13. Thank you, please check your inboxes
  14. Hi everyone, Would anyone be kind enough to review my SOP? It's for PhD in Molecular Medicine for an international applicant. A friend of mine has checked it from the language prospective but I need someone who works in Science to give a better feedback. If yes, I'll send it to you in a private message. Thank you
  15. Hi, I am writing my SOP and I feel a bit confused of how much I write about my future goal in the graduate school, how specific should I be? And when it comes to reason my interest in this particular school, what should I write exactly. Here is one example : I am interested in your program as I want to work on xxxx, I understand that at your school there is xxx facility/center/ lab that is specialized in this kind of work. Is this good enough?
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