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  1. Yeah, received in on January 7. They mentioned that their interview weekends are on Feb 1, 8, and 22
  2. Does anyone know the reputation of Irell And Manella Graduate School of Biological Sciences at The City of Hope? I applied here because there are some PI's and projects that are of interest to me. I can't find much about this program on google, and it's not on any ranking lists, but I know that City of Hope is one of the leading cancer centers in the nation. Any input is appreciated.
  3. Does anyone know what the acceptance rate is if you receive an interview invite, assuming you don't mess up at the interview?
  4. champion321

    SOP Review

    I am writing an SOP for biomedical PhD programs, can I have volunteers to proofread it and give me feedbacks or recommendations on improving it? Thanks so much!
  5. If this is my second year applying to grad schools, can I use the same SOP I used last year, and just add the research I've done in my gap year, and add to the last paragraph how I am now ready for grad school? Will they be able to find out that my SOP is the same from the year before except for the 2 paragraphs?
  6. I am interested in learning about cancer immunology, and I know that this is what I want to do in grad school. Are there any schools that have a cancer immunology program, or have some faculty doing cancer immunotherapy research? The schools that I found and are applying to are: GSK, Weill Cornell, MD Anderson, UT Southwestern, UCSF, Stanford, and Johns Hopkins. All of these are top tier programs, I'm trying to find lower tier programs with cancer immunology faculty members to add to my list. I've found many schools with a cancer program, but many of them don't have any faculty doing cancer immunology, and if they did, there were only 1 or 2 faculties.
  7. I know I don't want to become a professor and teach, that I'm sure of. I enjoy doing experiments, and I am very good at doing benchwork stuff, but I don't want to stop with a bachelors and become a lab tech. I know that if I were to go on the academia route, then most likely I will have to teach, so I'm gearing towards the industry route currently.
  8. champion321

    PhD vs. MSc

    Can you give me a detailed overview of the difference between a PhD versus a MSc, and the pros and cons of each one? I'm a junior in undergrad, and I cant decide whether I should apply for a PhD or MSc. I've been doing some digging around on google and old threads, but I've been getting mixed results, some say to stay away from phd, others saying a phd will open more doors, others saying you will be overqualified for many positions. An overview on career options for each degree, job prospects, salaries, satisfaction, etc would be great.
  9. What does an average admitted applicant to a top tier program look like? Like, what GPA/GRE score do they typically have? And what kind of experience do they usually have? I know that a lot of you will say that it will depends on a lot of factors, and that a weakness in one part can be strengthened by another part of the application, but what does a typical average admitted applicant to a top tier program look like? Such as average GPA, GRE, number of years of experience, etc.
  10. How important is the verbal section on the GRE? My first language isn't english (but I am a citizen), so the verbal section score is really low (50% range), although my quant is high. I have great GPA (3.8), currently have 2.5 years of research (ongoing) with 1 poster presentation but no publications, TA for gen chem for several semesters, and great LOR. It's just my verbal section of the GRE that I'm worried about. Would it help if I mention that english isn't my first language? If so, where would I say it? Probably in SOP? Also, what top programs do not require the GRE? The only that I could find is berkeley. Additionally, despite my low verbal score, will I be competitive for top tier programs?
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