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  1. @fruitcat Thanks for linking that facebook group! I will definitely take a look I am heading to George Washington University. I think I'll probably end up in the Arlington area if I can find cheaper apartments there (compared to actual DC apartments). @DogsArePeopleToo Thank you for the insight! I've definitely been searching for apartments close to the Metro. I currently own a car, but I plan to sell it before I move. Regarding the Metro, is it worth it to buy a monthly pass, or better to just load your Metro card with money and refill as needed? From what I've heard, a monthly Metro pass runs about $80. I will more than likely take the Metro everyday to and from school.
  2. @fruitcat I'm glad hear from a fellow Midwesterner! I've just started looking for apartments, so I am unsure which neighborhood I will end up in What methods did you find worked best in finding an apartment? @skydancer Thank you for the insight! I really appreciate it! I'm glad there will be familiar stores I've never been to a Trader Joe's before, but I've heard lots of great things!
  3. Thank you so much for your advice @virionoftomorrow and @DogsArePeopleToo ! This is probably a dumb question- where do most people shop for groceries in the city? Are Whole Foods and Trader Joes the typical grocery stores? Or is it common for people to travel a bit out of the city to get to a Walmart or Target?
  4. I have lived in the rural Midwest my entire life, but I am going to be making the move to Washington D.C. in the fall for graduate school! I have never lived in big city before. Could you share any general advice you have on city living (apartments, groceries, transportation, must-haves, etc.)? I am pretty clueless, but am trying to start preparing now!
  5. Do you mean contacting POIs prior to interviewing, or after? I'm on the waitlist at my top choice school, and am debating on whether to email one of my POIs to express I am still interested in the program. When I got the email that I was waitlisted from the grad coordinator, I emailed back thanking him for the information and stating that the program is my top choice. I'm not sure if contacting a POI now would be overkill.
  6. Hey guys, is it a huge no-no to email a school and ask for an update on admissions decisions? I interviewed at a school in the beginning of Feb., they emailed me mid-Feb. stating that "admissions offers will be made soon", and I have yet to hear back from them. It's been almost a month since they sent me that email. Is it better to just keep waiting it out?
  7. I was admitted to a Ph.D. program in mid-Feb. I am very happy to be admitted to this program, as it is my second choice. The program director emailed me this morning inquiring about my thoughts on the admissions offer (basically, asking if I was probably going to accept or decline). However, I have yet to hear back from my first choice school. I am unsure how to go about replaying to the email from the second choice school. I want to sound interested, as I may end up going there if I am declined from my top choice. I also do not want to sound committed, as it is still possible that I may decline the offer. How should I go about this?
  8. Hey all, has anyone heard from the University of Georgia's Integrated Life Sciences Program (ILS)?
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