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  1. Wow, you guys make me feel totally behind ! I am really worried about even applying, I am lacking research experience. Background Info BA Human Development 3.5 GPA MA Counseling Psychology 3.7 EdS School Psychology 3.7 GRE in Fall, currently studying Experience 2 Years experiences providing therapy, conducing psychoeducational and neuropsychological assessments Various leadership roles at the national and state level related to psychology collecting research data for neuropsychological test maker Letters of recc from neuropsychs, clinical psychs, and others Conference atten
  2. I just read this entire thread and have learned a ton of stuff. I have only applied to one school The University of the Pacific and have an interview soon. What are you guys thoughts on that program? The Ed.s not the Phd. Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated :-)
  3. Hi Everyone :-) So I have been narrowing my schools down and I have decided to apply to Cal State Eastbay, SFSU, SJSU, and Sac State. The application periods haven't opened up yet, but I am working on my personal statements, contacting my LOR people, and compiling my resume. I feel incredibly late in the game..but hopefully I'll get in somewhere..is anyone gearing up for applying to MSW programs? studentmamasf
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