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  1. I'm the person who posted an interview invite to UC-Riverside...feel free to PM me for POI.
  2. As I’m sure you already realize, your GPA is great! Although it’s good that you’ve done a research project and presented it, most of the schools on your list are extremely competitive (except for maybe CU Denver and UConn) and, as McMurphy pointed out, many of the applicants at those schools will have presentations at regional and/or national conferences (as well as possibly having lab experience at an R1 university) and this will probably put you at a big disadvantage. If you can’t get a paid job in research, have you thought about being a volunteer RA? Admissions committees will look favorab
  3. Northern Arizona, New Mexico State, Ball State, Villanova, and Towson are the first ones to come to mind. I also think that maybe Northern Iowa offers funding but I'm not sure.
  4. Master’s programs tend to be much more forgiving and accepting than PhD programs for applicants with terrible GPAs. I had an abysmal 1.9 GPA for my first year and a half of college before taking several years off to work on myself. I then transferred and got a stellar GPA at my final school, as well as excellent letters of rec and several conference presentations. Although my cumulative GPA was well below a 3.0, I received offers at several well-respected master’s programs in psych, including a funded one. I would suggest applying to quite a few programs and not limiting yourself geographicall
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