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  1. Spalding University Clinical Psych, PsyD Fall 2020 I am so excited to join this program! Not sure when it will feel real that this part of the journey is actually over. I don't know what I will constantly stress over now haha.
  2. I have also heard nothing, but their interview dates were mostly at the end of Feb/first week of March so I am not terribly concerned.. yet lol.
  3. Ah! I'm so sorry, that feeling sucks! Best of luck with other programs, and thank you!
  4. Ugh I've heard nothing! Stttrreessseedddd!!!
  5. West MI native here and I definitely agree with layers! The weather can be so hit or miss, so it is important to be able to shed or gain some layers. Best of luck!
  6. Congrats!! EKU is my top choice, but I haven't heard anything yet
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