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  1. For everyone who is hearing back from UIUC, is it a mass email or coming from your POI? Thank you!
  2. I think so, I just got a generic email telling me which interview date they assigned me. It seems other people received different days, so they seemed to be randomly assigned.
  3. I'm not sure what the case is, but they are having an in-person interview day, at least for some people? The weekend is from 2/14-2/16 and that is when they conduct in-person interviews. This information came from my POI though, so I of course do not know everyone's individual situations.
  4. Thank you so much! This is super helpful. I also thought they were so vaguely worded, and I felt like this is definitely something I could answer several different ways. Thank you! It's great to hear other people's fresh perspective on things.
  5. I've found various lists of questions that could be asked, and I find most I can come up with answers based on my past experiences. However, there are a few I find confusing and I'm not really sure what the question is getting am, I'm wondering if anyone understands how to best answer these? How do you think about research? How do you work within a system?
  6. I didn't ask if they were done, but my POI at UIUC told me that all faculty had to agree, and once they did they would all be sending out invites (on 1/10)
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