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  1. Because it’s a weekend and I only realized yesterday after business hours, I figured that I would have no luck
  2. Hey all! I had an interview on Friday and also interview at Nova on Monday. At the first interview, someone was talking about a social for nova on Sunday night. Can anyone confirm or deny this? I got no info about it and now I’m panicking that something went wrong with a second Email containing the details. The only info I got was the initial invite email and the event rsvp/ description on the portal. So long story short, please help lol did you also receive little info for novas interview day or is the info that didn’t get to me. THANKS!
  3. Hello! has anyone on here ever interview at Nova Southeastern or Florida tech? Can you give me some info about interview day and Florida tech's social. I'm feeling good going into the interviews but I'd love to know more about what to expect. thanks!
  4. Bob's Burgers! So funny but also grounding and reminds me that in life your goofy family friends are truly numero uno. I highly recommend
  5. Ahh good ol mitch's how could I forget. It seems as though a few interview invites have been extended, but I couldn't gauge if more were to come or not. Thanks for all the input!
  6. Hi all- question for you. What are guidelines when asking schools for updates? Huge no or acceptable? Also if you do, do you ask generally about their timeline for interview invites or should you ask specifically about checking in on the status of your app? Long story short- I love this program. I felt like I knocked their app out of the park and one of my LOR writers said it was "crystal clear" that I'd be a good match. I haven't heard anything. I'm panicking and the interview date is approaching in the next few weeks. Should I just let things fall where they may and not send a
  7. A friend of mine interviewed at Clark in person last year. Can't speak to their process this year but they did it in the past!
  8. @SamJ the professional side of me says its okay to follow up since its been a week. But I immediately second guessed myself because this is a whole different ball game. What did you do?
  9. I actually got an email at like midnight and it was a rejection...at this point I have no clue what to make of it for the people who haven't heard but I hope its good news for ya!!!
  10. Incase anyone is wondering, I emailed University of Denver and they should contact everyone by tomorrow 1/23. Eeeeek 😶
  11. Has anyone heard back (rejections or invites) from the following PsyD programs: University of Denver, La Salle, Roosevelt, Florida Tech, Nova Southeastern, Rutgers, PGSP Stanford Consortium. TIA!
  12. Anyone else day dream regularly of what it will be like if/when they get accepted!? The suspense is killing me. I don't even have all my apps in yet, the last batch is due around 1/6. Hoping to finish up soon, so I can anxiously wait in peace lol
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