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  1. LOL, im in the same boat. Ive already started looking for jobs in our new city. We are DEFINITELY moving this year. No more waiting...
  2. I won't be applying again. I decided if I didnt get in anywhere, that meant this wasn't really my path. I could only find out by applying. Right now I don't foresee acceptances in my future. Plan B is to continue obtain more credentials in my field of project management and try to get more from the masters degree I currently have.
  3. First official rejection! good to know something finally. Probably time to implement plan B.
  4. LOL, there wouldnt be a student loan crisis if they didnt give you more than your tuition. There is a limit on what u can get each year. You accept however much of it u want and whyatever is left over after tuitioin getsx "refunded" to you. There are people going to scvhool simplky for these refunds. You probably will need to a job. The only people ive seen living off of student loans alone had a bunch of roommates, lived with parents or lived that broke student life most of us swear off after graduation.
  5. I would just say be careful "inserting" a joke if the rest of the SOP does not convey the same lightheartedness. They won't read it the way it sounds in your head.
  6. I can relate. I secured a good scholarship very early and was able to leave high school early to attend so I went. I didn't even apply other places or consider other scholarships because I was ready to be out in the world. In retrospect, I wish I had thought more about what I really wanted to do and researched different colleges before I jumped right in. I was a math lover on the math team so I just decided math teacher was it, not contemplating anything else. also, I wish I had thought more about the money then. It's much easier to get burnt out from a high paying career and switch than it is
  7. Most seem to have alternate deadlines for the letters. Also, one school with a 12/1 deadline emailed me this weekend and just asked that I get it in before they start reviewing in January. Luckily my recommender had it in this Monday. My observation is that they just need it before the applications are reviewed.
  8. *%!@! I just went back and realized the first application I sent was my "test school"- meaning I sent the first version of my personal statement which I completely overhauled for the other schools. Gosh darnit. I'm not looking at anything else.
  9. The last letter is in! I am officially, technically and mentally done.

    1. spectastic


      no you're not. not mentally. you've just started

    2. 123hardasABC


      Ha. Hah. Hahahaha. Oh god no, not even close. It gets mentally worse until your final acceptance letter.

  10. IMHO (as a fellow applicant), this SOP is great. If I was to nit-pick, I'd question the usage of "I am fascinated with" and "I am obsessed with" towards the end; why even mention a "lack of research experience"- you're obviously well-versed on the subject matter. Why not just state that these are the topics you plan on studying while you're in the program and perhaps work that into the program fit?
  11. I feel the same as the last couple commenters. I'm done. I'd be surprised if a typo or clerical error really would cost someone admission.
  12. Just wondering...I checked myself today. Didn't see anything too bad.
  13. I think the decision to stay in school should be based on whether you need to- can you do the work you want to do without going to grad school? Look at job openings in your field; what matters more: experience or education? Going back to school after a break isn't easy but it's not that difficult, especially when you know you need to additional education...it's like riding a bike.
  14. If I get admitted, graduate, and ever become a faculty member, I'm with you.
  15. aww man, $235 for GRE (changed dates), about $400 in app fees, $50 in transcripts, $685 total without adding any costs for my time...in the long run, definitely worth it to find out if i can make this thing happen.
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