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  1. Hello! I will be starting at OU this fall in Norman, OK and thought I'd reach out to connect with others who are attending or starting! Send me a pm if you'd like! Chat soon.
  2. Hello! Just discovered a great online resource that some professors at OU are using. https://openstaxcollege.org. Enjoy!
  3. Very excited, accepted Univ. of Oklahoma!
  4. Timbuk2 is the best!!!! Definitely check them out. You can design your own colors!
  5. Officially accepted University of Oklahoma! I'm excited!!!
  6. Who is heading to University of Oklahoma!?
  7. Admitted to University of Oklahoma Master's Program. Waiting for my husband to apply for a PostDoc job at Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation before I can make a decision!
  8. Anyone accepted into the University of Oklahoma, Norman and still trying to decide? I've been accepted, but waiting on funding. The graduate director recently said that they had not yet heard back from anyone who was offered funding.
  9. Hello! My husband is about to graduate and start a postdoc job in biosciences. His advisor told him that after he graduates with his Ph.D. he essentially gets a clean slate, and that his postdoc is critical for his trajectory. The advisor said that pedigree matters for his postdoc and to apply high. Do you know if this is the same in the social sciences? Does pedigree matter in SS just as much as in biosciences? Thanks!
  10. Thank you for the information! Was the call from graduate admissions or directly from POI? Also, does it show up on your application at all? Thanks!
  11. Any news from UC Santa Cruz? Anyone claim acceptance? The latest from the results page shows that someone received an email explaining that they are on the waitlist?? For anyone waiting to hear from USC, I received an email stating that they are still reviewing application materials and do not have a date yet on admittance's. Thanking me for my patience...
  12. Looks interesting! http://distance.appstate.edu/graduate-programs/52 I wondered if anyone knows anything about the program? The pros and cons? The cost is crazy high for out-of-state, but maybe it would open up other opportunities in the field...
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