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  1. Just wanted to say that I turned down two schools that I knew I was not going to attend because of better offers (and so any waitlisters had a better shot of finding out sooner). I was very nervous about the whole process, especially because the "negotiations" with these schools did not go over too well -- partially why I'm considering alternative institutions. Both GDs I emailed, as well as a few professors that I had mentioned as my POIs were all incredibly courteous and positive in their replies. I was happily surprised by this. Word of the wise -- write a personalized note declining y
  2. So... you are waitlisted at two schools that you'd seriously consider. You are likely not to find out to the last minute (i.e. April 12-15). Is it wrong to ask to visit a school you are waitlisted at... and by ask, I mean politely demand? I love one of the programs I am already into and I need to visit these schools and meet the faculty before I make an educated decision. Thoughts?
  3. I think there are numerous reasonable explanations for transferring programs. Family or personal illness is the most obvious and understandable. However much of what people are mentioning is "grey area" to say the least. Here is just one example. If your research interests change so much that your current faculty can no longer advise/teach you properly, and they aren't open to you taking classes elsewhere or using an outside advisor, is it ok to transfer? If you have there blessing, I say sure. Even if you don't but you simply can't progress with your research, I say probably. But if you w
  4. Amen. Even as a self-described asshole, I would never do this. I've visited a few schools already and after a weekend alone, I feel bad about turning down folks -- I can't imagine what it would feel like after 2+ years. I don't want to believe that people leaving a funded program is a regular thing. Maybe I'm naive, but given a position of power, I would never hire someone who did any of what was described above. At the end of the day, for folks considering this, I would challenge them to consider alternative ways to maximize the utility of their time. Work for a reputable think tank, publ
  5. I have a buddy that was accepted there -- an Americanist. He has an upcoming visit scheduled but hasn't visited yet... I don't know if his visit is part of an admitted students day or if he is going on his own accord. I'd call them and see what's up.
  6. Email or call them and they'll let you know. Check the website first and see if they've posted your status there. What subfield are you?
  7. Really? This forum died very quickly! Everyone has already made their decisions? Nothing else to talk about? For me personally, I'm interested if anyone (especially IR) was accepted into Maryland or Brandeis and will be declining. Thanks in advance for sharing!
  8. Out of curiosity, with the initial round of rejections for UMD in, who has checked the website and is still waiting to hear something?
  9. In general, I think these visits are almost all quite positive -- especially if they are organized and you aren't going down on your own accord. If these schools accepted you its because they really wanted you. All PhD programs deny many students. They see something in you and the cohort around you. Look for what that might be when you are there (e.g. is your cohort doing very specialized research). Also look for things that are important to you. If you are outgoing and need your professors to be open to collaboration -- make sure their doors are open. Ask current students what the biggest fla
  10. I will say this. Right now I am waitlisted at a school that is absolutely excellent for what I want to study. It would be tough to turn down. That being said, I visited a program that accepted me with a good funding offer this past month and absolutely fell in love with it. The faculty, the town and my future cohort were all great. It isn't as specialized in what I want to study as the waitlisted school is, but it has other excellent opportunities. On April 15th, my decision, whatever it is, will be final because I respect the fact that for the next five years, a group of my future political s
  11. Best of luck to you with the MAs and Brandeis!
  12. That's true that it was not well represented last year on this site. I guess there is only so far any investigation will take us. That being said, you are at an advantage because I have to make a final decision by April 15th or my other offers can legally be rescinded... I have seen people getting taken off waitlists (not Brandeis but others) after that. That hard deadline could drastically shorten the list.
  13. For this cycle I've counted one acceptance (with notes they would pass up the offer), five waitlists, and one rejection (from a personal enquiry to a POI).
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