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  1. What top 10 department admits people w/o funding? please out them so we can shame them
  2. Some people have families/parters/obligations which make taking a longer shot at a lower ranked department not a good decision.
  3. The biggest question is: you have never done research, but want to devote your life to research?
  4. Mentioning the massive amount of luck you had seems appropriate. The data do not lie: the chances of getting a TT job coming out of a low ranked PhD program are very slim. Which is fine, but people need to know that going into it.
  5. Prestige matters. The bottom line is: if you want a tenure track job, only go to a top-10 program.
  6. wrong forum, but the only question related to political science here is that MAs in political science are generally not worth it.
  7. Also, Bayesian statistics does not rely on repeated sampling, but flat priors yield almost exact results as maximum likelihood estimation, providing further evidence that the superpopulation claims are irrelevant.
  8. I don't undertand. Could you please explain? statistical significance of what? Interpret it how?
  9. Your GREs are too low for Ohio State and Penn State, especially the quant portion. I don't know about the other schools. If you get get your GREs up, that will help a lot, considering your GPA is great.
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