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  1. I think it's good that you have a spread of schools you are applying to. I would consider adding more, 2-3 more in the top 50-100. On the other hand, there appears to be a great variety in the type of programs you are applying to. This may signal indecision to an admissions committee. I would hone in on your operations management interests and apply to those programs as closely as possible (spare a couple others if they specifically interest you).
  2. My two cents: Your engineering background is a plus to your application. Your work experience will be helpful as you relate to students later in your career, but research experience will be pivotal if you can pursue as many experience as possible. Your masters GPA means that your performance on the GRE will be especially important--work hard to up your score... and if you're not having success, consider taking a GMAT. How are your LORs? How deeply do you discuss methods in your lit review? Which methods do you use within your quasiquant paper? You can come away with a very strong application if you up your GRE scores some. Keep at it!
  3. I'm doing research for a few hours each week and volunteering as a firefighter in a town nearby. I'm taking each day as it comes.
  4. I second this opinion. Edit: And I just noticed the date of this post.
  5. I would also send in the second score.
  6. Congratulations on your admit! I hope the rest turn out well for you. (Relevant to your username: http://geodu.de/)
  7. Thank you for your thoughts. I'm also part of the group awaiting to hear a decision of some kind. There's still hope. =)
  8. Hello! I'm in a similar situation with several programs I am hoping to hear back from. Inevitably, the admissions process is going to vary from program to program. A variety of factors are taken into account when applications are assessed, and it could be as simple a factor as you having submitted your applications closer to the program's deadline (or perhaps your last name begins with a 'Z'). There is also the chance--and what I believe is most likely--that you are placed on some type of internal wait-list, as the admissions committee further deliberates which applicants they wish to extend offers to. For other programs--and from what optimism may insist--admits can be given on a rolling basis and it's all simply a waiting game. Either way, knowledge is positively correlated with time, and we'll know sooner or later. Hang on for the ride! You're not alone.
  9. Great quant score! My recommendation is that you if you're willing to fork over the cash, you may benefit from studying and taking that GRE one more time. For the retake, you could focus on the verbal and see how it goes (aiming for 164+ is a solid goal). If you get a 5+ for AW, that is also a bonus. Your SOP and Writing Samples (if required) will be what communicate your writing ability to the department, however. Nevertheless, great GRE score! You really don't have to take a retake--but if you have the opportunity to improve and money is not a major concern, I'd go for it. One thing that could be potentially more beneficial than a retake would be to pursue an independent research opportunity or dedicate time toward mastering a research language (or begin studying another one if you are already multilingual). Also, do you have time to study abroad should the funds be provided? This is a great pathway toward maximizing your CV as well.
  10. I hope today is a good day for everyone! And congrats to the newest admits!
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