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  1. I will be starting at OSU this coming fall. I saw a lot of people talking about Clintonville and Grandview as two most popular places to live in Columbus. What are the pros and cons of each community? How are they different? I personally would to live in a quiet, safe community with convenient public transportation to campus. Any advice? Thank you so much in advance!
  2. Yes, UT-Austin has more to offer in terms of academic resources and it seems to be a more prestigious program than OSU. But I really like the welcoming community and friendly people at OSU, so it's very hard to say no. Any advice?
  3. I'm trying to decide between OSU and UT-Austin. I'm interested in family and criminology, qual vs quan undecided. Does anyone have any comments or advice?
  4. I received an email telling me to check the application portal. After logging into the portal, under the status for the recommendation letters, there was a decision letter.
  5. Hi guys, I'm now choosing between two programs, both in the top 10 to 20 tier. One of them has a much better fit with my academic interests, but I knew instantly during my visit that I wouldn't fit into the culture and people there. I actually left a day early during the visit because I felt very out of place there. The other program is not as prestigious and doesn't have as many resources in my areas of interest, but I genuinely felt welcomed and excited during the visit. With a smaller cohort, the sense of community and support was very strong, and I got an additional fellowship there as wel
  6. What does it mean if Columbia hasn't sent me either acceptances or rejections by this point?
  7. I am in the same boat for several schools. Maybe we should contact the coordinator and ask for ourselves?
  8. Does anyone know what's the deal with NYU? Are they done with their admits?
  9. When you talked about first-tier schools, does that mean top 10, 20 or 30 programs according to USNWR ranking?
  10. Hi guys! I have been talking to my professors about the different options I have now, and one of my professor kept talking about historical reputation of each program. For example, he said UT-Austin is always respected as a traditionally strong program that should have landed in the top 10. And on the other hand, Princeton hasn't received that much prestige and attention until recent years. It seems that in the world of sociologists, reputation matters more than the actual ranking. I guess what I'm trying to ask here is 1) how to find out the reputation of each program? and 2) how to balance r
  11. I know it is very hard that your family doesn't seem very supportive of your decision, but what I always do at times like this is to think about professors who wrote recommendation letters on my behalf. I'm sure people who wrote your recommendation letters are very confident and proud of you, which is why they agreed to put their reputation on the line for you in the first place. Hopefully thinking of them will make you feel more supported! Hang in there!
  12. Thank you! I just checked and there is nothing there. I hope it means they are still in the process of reviewing my application.
  13. Can I ask where did you check the decision? I went to the application site with the status, and all it says is that my application was submitted and complete. Where did you see the decision?
  14. I haven't heard anything from NYU, Columbia, Harvard and Penn. Should I still keep my hopes up or not?
  15. Pizza+ coke+ soup opera. Works for me every time. Hang in there!
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