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  1. I echo what people have already said - focus on your applications now and worry about how to deal with hearing back after your applications are in. When it comes to the time leading up to and then hearing back, though, I think it's smart to have some sort of plan in place to make the anticipation (and sometimes the disappointment) better. Something else might work better for you, but I'll tell you what I did: - I second FantasticalDevPsych, I only talked at length about how I was thinking and feeling about the process with just a few people who I was close to and either were very familiar with
  2. Just accepted my offer from UCLA, SO THRILLED to start the program this fall.
  3. I have a different perspective, I'm pming you now.
  4. Just called Cornell, they have not contacted all accepted students yet.
  5. I called about ten days ago, and they said they had their first meeting that day. It sounded like they are behind schedule because of the snow. (Side note: I've been impressed by how early schools in the northeast have been getting their offers out considering the weather/how frequently the schools have been closed. Kudos, adcoms). Not sure if this applies to development sociology as well.
  6. Has anyone heard from UCLA about funding yet? The wait is killing me.
  7. I'm sorry Philly, it sounds like you're a really excellent candidate. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you this round, and I hope you do try again next year should it come to that. Have you considered contacting members of the admissions committees of the schools you were rejected from? I haven't done it, but I know some people on this board have asked how they can improve their application next year and gotten honest feedback. Sometimes it's hard to sort through all of the advice that gets thrown at you during this process, and if I were you I would try to get feedback from people who a
  8. Out of curiosity - was she more specific about why this was an unusual application season?
  9. Agreed, this site (and this thread!) have been really helpful throughout the application and waiting process. I would be ten times more anxious without it. I tend to get really anxious, though, so staying off the site for the week and a half when I was waiting for those decisions was the best choice for me, personally, at the time.
  10. In January before I heard from Princeton and UCLA, I blocked this site using the app selfcontrol and I made a conscious effort to avoid talking about grad school in conversation. It wasn't easy (nor was it 100% effective), but it did help me focus on other things. Other than throwing myself into my work/friendships, I also made myself a list of things I wanted to do (paint, read certain books, etc). Whenever I had free time and I started get anxious/waste time googling the same grad-related things, I picked something from the list and did that instead.
  11. I don't think Yale does interviews, and it seems like they notify applicants pretty late. Don't freak out yet!
  12. Yes, I got waitlisted today and I had an interview a couple of weeks ago. I also checked my status on the portal, it still says "no decision." Hope that helps!
  13. Just got into Brandeis! I'm so shocked, they admit so few each year. Everyone who's still waiting to hear from UCLA - apparently they had a final meeting this past week to discuss a few possible additional admits and funding. It sounded like there might be a few more admissions offers to make?
  14. I spoke to someone yesterday. Apparently Rutgers sends funding & admission decisions at the same time, so I think that's the hold up. She said they were hoping to send out offers in the next week or two.
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