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  1. I figured I may as well start the GWU thread, as I haven't seen a current one for this year. I accepted my offer into the Sociology MA program for fall of this year. I will be moving from my home state of Ohio around the end of July-beginning of August. Anyone else attending the university in the fall? Looking for roommates? Any current/alumni willing to give more insight? Anyone want to meet around the start of fall term?
  2. Really? In regards to rooming with someone? I should actually put that in my post. I'm not saying living alone in any of these areas. I'm more along the lines of rooming with 1-2 other people. There's no way anyone can afford places in DC proper without a roommate. And Tyson's actually isn't that bad. Actually, its best to live near Dunn-Lorring/Merrifield as there is a metro stop near the area. I also agree that the bus system makes it incredibly easy to get to the metro. But again, you really cannot live alone unless you have a very stable and highly paid income coming in. I'm sure t
  3. I will also be making the move to the D.C. area for the fall. I was recently admitted into GWU for Sociology and I plan to accept relatively soon. I just got back from visiting the area over the weekend and I think it will be a great experience. I'm coming from Ohio, so its a pretty big move as well. Like many others have stated, be prepared to pay a rather large amount of money for housing. You will get a lot more for your money if you live farther away from the district (NOVA - Arlington, Alexandria, Tysons or MD - Bethesda, College Park, Sliver Spring). If you do live in DC Proper, the
  4. Really? Congrats on your offer! Was it PhD or MA? I'm on the MA side, so that could be why its taking a bit longer?
  5. Thank so much for the input, guys. Even if I decide on not attending GW (I'm still on the decision process, as I'm waiting to hear back from two schools), its still good information to know. I mean, I could easily decide to attend GMU (George Mason), if they accept me and I'll still come across the same problems, especially in Fairfax. I know for a fact that place is not cheap at all. Either way, I'm going to have to be proactive on the housing front in that area.
  6. Don't get me wrong, you're bringing up valid points! It's just I've contemplated these things for several years and they have held me back from even wanting to attend grad school for so long. So, the fear of having to give up because I'm not getting enough free money is depressing and discouraging. I may not have the best credentials on paper in comparison to my peers, but I still consider myself a liable candidate. I'm just poor
  7. A school I applied for mentioned that the lowest GPA they accepted for graduate admissions was a 2.8. My GPA is below that threshold. I also took the GRE and the scores were subpar in my opinion (I couldn't afford to take that test again). Hence, the decision to apply based on requirements. I'm sure there are plenty of schools with funding offers, and I looked into the options of them, but they sometimes carry a "catch" with them (High GPA, Above Average GRE, research, LoR, etc.). It's not the same for all, but some schools. I also did research to which areas within the country offer the mos
  8. Oh, I completely agree. The D.C./VA/MD area is incredibly expensive and I expected it to be for graduate programs, especially since I'm out of state. Doing the MPNs for the Direct Stafford helped me calculate just how much it would cost for me to attend any of the schools I applied to, in-state and out. As for being underfunded, I think that's going to be the case for the majority of the programs I applied to out of state. My undergraduate career was not the most solid (Personal reasons that I'd rather not disclose), so my GPA is not high in comparison to admission standards. I had to boost my
  9. That may be the case for some schools, but according to GWU's website for financial aid and assistance, there is an application that can be completed to be considered for Federal Work-Study for graduates: http://financialaid.gwu.edu/work-study(Under Graduate tab). While I may not even get it, I plan to at least try. I'd rather exhaust all of my options before I turn to loans.
  10. They were very confusing when it came to funding overall in the graduate admissions area. I asked just what exactly my awarded amount was from filling out the FASFA and for some reason, they told me that they were not going to send me a letter stating that information. Granted, this was a representative in their office. According to them, I needed to complete an application/questionnaire before that happened. I guess its to give me all of my options beforehand? It sounds quite difficult, really. I plan to apply for work-study and look for some internships, preferably paid if possible. As for t
  11. Thanks so much for the information, ajcafe! I've only visited D.C. a few times in the past couple of years and I only know of certain areas (Dupont Circle, Adams Morgan, Georgetown and Fairfax, VA mostly), so the mentioning of a few other areas will really help me in the near future! I think I'd be comfortable commuting from the Columbia Heights/Mount Pleasant, U Street, Shaw areas. I'm very familiar with the metro system in the city, so as long as there's a metro stop nearby, I'll be comfortable with just about any area that will be a good 30 minute ride tops. Your info about t
  12. This is exactly what I remember reading on that blog/article! I must have gotten my thoughts mixed up about it, but I specifically remember it stating that some universities do maintain a copy of a LoR for a student and can send them out.
  13. I'm very interested in the Sociology program here. I was incredibly shocked when I was accepted, considering it has a pretty decent ranking nationally (Tied 54th with Ohio State University in National Ranking according to US News), and its private. Let's just say that my undergraduate experience was rough. But, I have a great work history, research with professors and volunteer experience to make up for that. I've heard very positive things about the university considering its location. But, I want to hear specifically about the Sociology department. I've gone through their website and was sur
  14. More so referring to a blog/article (I really cannot recall what the source was. Apologizes) that having a personal copy for your own records was not an issue. Granted, I can see how it can be, but at the same time if you can possibly access it through the school at a future date, why not have a personal copy? But, I do understand your reasoning for it.
  15. Thanks for the input! I wouldn't think any of my professors would feel too offended by it or anything. But, it was mostly to have a personal copy. Maybe after I make my choice and give them "thank you" letters and gifts, I'll talk to them about it then.
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