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  1. I wish you all the best of luck!!!! I think it is horrible that CSULB has taken so long to finalize their responses. I know they had a good program (in the past, not sure how their new curriculum will turn out), I also understand that they informed us during the info session that they would take long to review applications submitted closer to the deadline, but I can't help but imagine how nerve-wrecking it's been for all of you who continue to wait on LB. On a better note, I am glad that my spot will be available for one of you =). FYI, they are hosting an orientation tomorrow, but no worries, they will host a second orientation (sometime in July) for those of you who are accepted after Sat. Anyhow, best of luck! :-)
  2. Thanks! I submitted my app the 27th of Jan. I hadn't heard anything since receiving an email confirming that they received my app. My undergrad gpa was 3.4. My rec'drs consisted of my current supervisor (an LCSW), my former supervisor (former manager of a counseling department), and finally my former professor who I helped with a research project during undergrad. I have about 4-5 years of work experience as a T.A., school counselor, and as a case manager (mental health). Best of luck!
  3. I was accepted to CSULB. I received an acceptance email earlier today! For those that are on pending status, my spot will open up since I have already decided on another school. Good luck to all still waiting! LB took waaaaay tooo long!
  4. I was told that CSULB will continue sending decision in May
  5. I spoke to someone in admissions today who said that they'll be sending out responses in May. I don't remember the exact date when I submitted my application, but it was some time towards the end of January....and haven't received anything since receiving the confirmaiton that my application was received by the MSW department.
  6. Did u get your notification via email?
  7. Hi CoffeeBird, no you can't defer admission, someone asked this question during the Diversity Fair. You may want to call MSW dep to confirm, but I believe it is also posted on their website.
  8. Yes, overwhelming and exciting.. mostly exciting! Yes, I live in LA (:
  9. Hi BD, I will be attending WD. I received an email today to rsvp for event.
  10. Speaking of fafsa, sorry I am about to side track, has anyone received any information from fafsa?
  11. Nothing via email, just double checked before posting.
  12. No, I haven't received/heard anything from LB.
  13. Did they email/send letter?
  14. So sorry, have u heard from CSULB yet?
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