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  1. Anyone attending csulb orientation this Thursday?
  2. Considered the 3 year program as their first choice***
  3. I thought about that as well. Originally my first choice was the 2 year but after being offered admissions to the third year I couldn't decline. The reason why I accepted the 3 year was because I now understand how difficult it is to get into LB and didn't want to risk not getting into the 2 year. I also figured that the chances of getting accepted into the 2 year were slim to none sooo I would still have to wait till next year to reapply. Didn't make much of a difference, time wise. And the process of asking for recommendation letters and waiting on people was terrible for me. Another reason why I accepted the 3 year was because I will be able to maintain my job and go to school. I had no idea what I was gonna if I got into the 2 year and not work. And last but not least I have always wanted to be part of lb MSW program. It's close to home, I'm not getting into a 95k debt and the program is great.... About what you said about older people...I am hoping there are younger students like myself who also have to work and considered as their first choice
  4. The e-mail I received stated that the 2 year was filled up already and they gave me the option to remain pending. But would I only be accepted if those already offered admission declined last minute. That's what I understood. Hope it helps....
  5. I was put on pending status March 19. Thanks!!!!!!
  6. Thank you and hoping you both receive and email some time this week! Keeping my fingers crossed
  7. I actually got an email today at 1130 am. They gave me 3 options! First one they offered me admissions to 3 year program. Second option was to remain pending on 2 year program but they did say that it was filled so there was slim to no chance of getting Into 2 year. Last option was to withdraw completely. So ofcourse I chose option 1! So excited.
  8. Did anyone else just get an email from csulb???
  9. I applied February 15 deadline date. And got my acceptance letter March 28.
  10. Anyone attend the orientation this weekend? Still waiting....
  11. Hey Amina. Congratulations!!!! Where u ever put on pending status? Once again, congrats!
  12. Aw sorry to hear that! When were u put on pending?
  13. Thank you to everyone who helped me make my decision! I postponed my USC application for next year 2015 and I am very happy with my decision. I looked over the forums posted on here and they were great help. I recommend anyone who is in the same position to check them out, they are eye openers and make a lot of sense!!! Also to those in the same position, read what other people on here have to say. It feels great to receive advice from those who are in the same position and have similar goals as yourself. Thanks again to everyone! Currently waiting for CSULB email, hoping for the best. I am sure many, if not all, can agree that this has been a very stressful process. I feel like I have been put on hold with life...lol no but really. Thanks a lot Long Beach...lol. I keep telling myself that if this does not happen for me this year, I will take next year to improve my application. POSITIVE VIBES to EVERYONE!
  14. I also applied to UCLA but was rejected I have heard lots of great things about the program at CSUF, wish I would have applied there as well. We are exactly in the same position. The cost to attend USC is crazy! I applied because its a great school and I was hoping the financial aid package would be a little nicer. But its not :/ Do you have people telling you that you are crazy for turning down USC? I DO! but at the end of the day it is what will benefit me and after all, they are not the ones getting into crazy debt lol.
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