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  1. I called to check on my application today! An admissions advisor said my application has been reviewed and a decision will be made within the next week. I applied Feb 3,2014. Just wanted to let other applicants know to check emails this week/next week!
  2. bluebark 314 - Today marks week 13 for me as well. I still have not heard anything back yet. I declined the offer from my safety school and now am waiting to hear from USC. I am actually starting to get frustrated! I was prepared to wait between 8-12 weeks but now that we have passed that timeline I find myself getting annoyed. My advisor said that decisions should be coming soon now that they are pretty much finished with decisions for the summer cohort. However, "soon" will most likely take a few more weeks I fear.
  3. Monday will mark week 12 since I submitted my application. I received an admit decision from my safety school today and have only 5 days to respond. USC is my top choice but I do not want to prolong my studies another year if I get rejected. Typically I have seen other applicants wait a little less than 3 months. I am feeling very pressured at this point in time so just looking for some information/reassurance from other applicants. Thanks in advance!
  4. Is anyone still waiting to hear from the USC MSW VAC Fall 2014 Cohort for admit decision? I am at week 11 of waiting since I submitted my application and haven't heard a word! I reached out to my admissions counselor and she stated that they received a high number of spring applications and are now getting to the fall applications. I have seen others who submitted after me for this cohort already getting decisions so I am getting very discouraged. Anyone else in the same boat?
  5. Is anyone still waiting to hear from USC MSW VAC Fall 2014 cohort for decision rounds? I applied February 3, 2014 currently 11 weeks since I submitted my application and haven't heard a word. I called my advisor to check the progress but she keeps saying that they received an unusually high number of spring applications and that they are just now getting to Fall 2014 apps. I have seen many other people getting their decisions for the Fall Cohort but I haven't yet. I am really starting to get discouraged
  6. My advisor said the VAC program was only offered for Fall and spring terms! So strange. I am hoping we all get our decisions soon. This wait is torture!
  7. What cohort did you all apply to? I submitted my application on Feb 3 for the Fall 2014 cohort. I am hoping to attend the MSW VAC progtam. I am really starting to get nervous seeing people who submitted after me getting their acceptances
  8. I applied February 3 and haven't heard back yet! I am almost to the 8 week mark! Hoping to hear a decision soon
  9. How long did it take USC MSW applicants to hear back on their application? I applied to the USC MSW VAC program Feb 3, 2014 and haven't heard anything yet. I am nearing the 7 week mark and starting to get a little antsy!
  10. How long did it take you to hear back on your application? Please share stats if your comfortable doing so! Tomorrow will mark week 4 since I officially submitted my application and it entered review. I am really hoping to hear back soon...this wait is absolute torture!
  11. It is pure torture! I can't seem to keep myself busy enough. I still find time to check my email a million times a day even with going to school fulltime and taking care of my two kiddos.
  12. I applied to this program on February 3, 2014. My application has been in review for three weeks and this wait is pure torture! Any other applicants to this program? I have been searching the forum and have yet to come across anyone :-)
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