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  1. Thanks my friend! And huge congrats on your Stony Brook admission! Keep me posted on your decision!
  2. Right, it was a standard message, so no top candidates really...
  3. Just placed on an admission waitlist at University of Virginia (Foreign Affairs) as top candidate. As the 15th of April is looming, if you're considering to accept other offers please do it as soon as possible! Thank you.
  4. Totally agree with that, they are also shocked by the thread and someone is trying to understand how such a thing could be even possible!
  5. I would like to suggest you this thread, pretty relevant and with lots of interesting tips: Getting to TT from a 50-60 rank program http://www.poliscirumors.com/topic/getting-to-tt-from-a-50-60-rank-program
  6. Hi Mnemonics, thank you very much for this! I'll be sending you a private message with more specific questions. Thanks a lot!
  7. Thanks Bubandis! What you say is pretty wise, and maybe a place like GMU would give me more opportunities than many others in terms of plan B. Anyway, I'm still waiting for other programs and waitlists, I'll make a decision at the very end of this cycle.. Meanwhile, it's always good to know your opinion on matters like this! Best of luck for your waitlists! Any contribution from current GMU students?
  8. Thanks for this. You're right, GMU is low-ranked, however their program is pretty new (I know the first PhDs in Political Science were awarded last year), so this may explain the lack of placement records. However, I am not aware of any methodological training, unfortunately. Aside from this, if I decide to enroll should I rule out any chance of a career in academia and just aim at government/policy/think tank jobs?
  9. Hi everyone, I will resuscitate this topic as I am really interested to know more about this program, especially from current graduate students at GMU. If more convenient, send me a private message. Thanks
  10. I was there as a grad student when such a decision was taken. However, I'm only speaking about IR Department, don't know others.
  11. Indeed, since 2012/2013 they fund everyone, the only in UK to do it.
  12. Congratulations! I am really happy for you. As everyone on this forum, you are a highly motivated applicant and totally deserved this outcome!
  13. Yep, fingers crossed! And still waiting from 4/5 programs.
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