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  1. I was put on a waitlist for Comparative Politics by Notre Dame. As of one week before the admission decisions deadline I am yet to hear anything from them. I was wondering if any one of you is accepted, waitlisted or have any idea about the admission process..
  2. They might have put you in the waitlist then, as the first wave of mass rejections were sent.
  3. Rejections from Georgetown finally came out.
  4. Pittsburgh has given some rejections (including mine) so I think you are in a better position than the ones who have already gotten a rejection. I assume that they will contact you if the people who got accepted will turn down the offer they received.
  5. I received a formal rejection letter from Pitt yesterday as well.
  6. Thank you very much.. I guess I should wait a bit more for everything to be clear.
  7. Pittsburgh did not e-mail me.. Does that mean a silent rejection?
  8. Got rejected from Indiana as well.. When does Georgetown and George Mason notify?
  9. Interesting.. I was waitlisted by Notre Dame, still no voice from IUB..
  10. Has anyone heard from Indiana? I saw some posts on Results Search, was wondering when do they announce them all..
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