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  1. At this point, I think that you should reach out to UVA, especially since I know that the recruitment folks have sent wait list, acceptance, and rejection notifications. Perhaps some anomaly led to you not receiving an update of your application's status.
  2. Political communication, like political psychology, is interdisciplinary in a certain sense. But, in another, pol psych and pol comm have been so fully integrated into the discipline, that I think fewer people are view it this way. At a very basic level, political science can be partitioned into two major parts, the study of political institutions on the one hand, and the study of (mass) political behavior on the other. Political psych, political communication, public opinion etc. all get lumped into the latter category. That said, if you would like to be placed in a political science dep
  3. correct, it is a TPB reference. Most of the time they call Randy (the character who is my avatar), "Bobandy" or "Randy Bobandy," but there is on instance wherein a drunken Jim Lahey calls him "Bubandis" while talking on the phone in the shower. Glad that some of you get a little amusement from the name We just wrapped up the UVA visiting event yesterday. Was fun. Good luck to everyone in making your decisions. And, to those still in limbo, I expect that there will be plenty of wait list activity in the latter half of next month, so don't lose hope!
  4. @ezra123, no word yet (re: UVA waitlist), but will PM you if I do. Based on what I have heard from other regarding previous years though, it is likely that they will move on the waitlist at some point (just depends on how soon those admitted who they are matriculating elsewhere inform our admissions people of that). If you've any questions in the interim, feel free to direct message me.
  5. So, I didn't get accepted at Duke. In fact, I didn't apply to places in the top 15 because, having read all of the exaggerations on this board regarding the GRE, I didn't think that I'd have any shot whatsoever. But, I did get into a top 20 (UT-Austin) and one the best programs in my subfield, Stony Brook, (both of which I applied to simply as "reach" programs--again, based on the misinformation spread on this site) which is known to be quite quantitative, with a Q score of ~150, so I'm really not that surprised that such a score could get an otherwise stellar candidate accepted at Duke.
  6. For those of you that have not heard from Colorado-Boulder: I was waitlisted by them last year, and they were very slow is letting me know. I recall that a couple of weeks had passed since they notified the accepted applicants before they ever sent out the waitlist emails. And, @studugarte, don't worry yet regarding UVA. It is my sense that we have only contacted those who were also nominated for an additional fellowship. In other words, I don't believe all first-round acceptances have gone out yet. Though, I expect that they will go out this week or next at the latest. Sure there will be
  7. And ultraultra wins the thread! Seriously, though, all of those points were terrific, and effectively inarguable based on my experience. The GRE, in its current form, ought to be tossed.
  8. Congrats to the UVA admits! Again, if any of you have any questions regarding the program, please feel free to PM me.
  9. I contacted the OP via private message. Turns out that I did in fact complete the same MA program that he is now undertaking. When he referred to the advisor, he was referring to the co-chair of the graduate program, who is the advisor of all incoming students during their first semester regardless of eventual substantive focus. The opinion within the department on whether or not to do the thesis is divided amongst the faculty members, and it seemed to me during my time there that those against the thesis option usually were against it for reasons that had to do more with themselves than the i
  10. For what it is worth, I was in a nearly identical situation three years ago...so much so that I wonder if I did my MA at the same place as you are now (seriously, every detail is the same, even the part about one of the co-chairs being female and pushing the 3 "professional papers" option). Anyway, for a multitude of reasons, you should really do the thesis option. I did, and I am happy to have done so. Best of luck!
  11. Last year, Brown released admission decisions in the second half of February. As for funding, some departments list it on their websites, some do not. Generally , though, there are three tiers for publics: 13-15k, 17-18k, 20k or a little more. Private universities are typically offer more (substantially more at some places)
  12. Well, first of all, I do hope that you applied to more than one university. Secondly, if you did, I hope that you applied to programs aside from those of the Ivies. Regarding your question, as you yourself note, your GRE scores are low and won't be doing you any favors. Some of the places that don't place a lot of emphasis on ensuring that all of their students have a solid quantitative background (e.g., Brown, Johns Hopkins, etc.) may be willing to consider your application despite your low scores. But, for any program, I think that you will need to make up for you low GRE scores with ex
  13. Congratulations to everyone on their early acceptances! Also, to those waitlisted, chances are reasonably good that you will get some action at some point--especially if you show your keen interest in their program over the coming weeks (in appropriate intervals, of course)--this is not the time to be coy in that regard, assuming the program is one you strongly desire to be apart of.
  14. Nearly all will contact you via email--many of them before the admissions servers are updated. I do recommend that you periodically check your trash/junk folder, though, as there was one occasion for me where admission correspondence was filtered to the trash!
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