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  1. Congratulations to those who are accepted at Indiana. I will be waiting for you guys at recruiting day
  2. Visited Bloomington this Monday, great experience. Meet with professors with shared interests from Political Science, Literature, Cultural Study, and even Geography Departments. Jeff Isaac is charming. So, decision made (though still waiting for some not-so-important likely rejections).
  3. Cornell rejection. Now it's final. I am going to Bloomington. Other results do not matter.
  4. So it seems that BC's acceptances and rejections go through postal service, but I still got nothing
  5. I think there's only one acceptance about two weeks ago.
  6. And I still haven't heard from Duke...Most likely all acceptances and waitlists have already been sent. Real implicit rejection.
  7. Woo congratulations! thumbs up back on critical theory
  8. And there comes a Brown acceptance... The mind settled by IU starts to tremble again
  9. So How did they inform you that you are wait listed?
  10. got official offer from Indiana. Still waiting for Brown and Cornell. Also Duke, but it seems like it is an implicit rejection. If no good news from those two, I think I am going to Bloomington.
  11. Got a call to announce acceptance too. But since there are only 3 posted, I think they are still working on it. Theory subfield.
  12. First acceptance from IUB, five-year funding package, phone call. Political theory with a concentration on critical theory. Finally can sleep well now.
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