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  1. Have you found this resource helpful? As far as videos are concerned, I have found them useful in the past. I had a significant amount of time inbetween taking Pre-Calc and Calc and online videos were nice refreshers. Having more practice proplems to accompany online lectures would be benefical though.
  2. This is more speculation than anything else, this is my first admissions cycle as well, but I would say you would have to be pretty certain that the program you got into is indeed your top choice and that something, such as the program's visit weekend, would not change your stance.
  3. Congrats to everyone who received acceptances today, especially acceptances to WashU. It seems as if half of the people on here were impacted one way or another.
  4. Confirming what is on the results page, but Yale should be middle to end of February.
  5. Yesterday, someone posted that WashU St. Louis would probably be end of this week or beginning of next week based on communication with the department. Their website also states that their goal is to release decisions by the first week of February.
  6. Has anyone heard anything either way from WashU St. Louis? Their website claims they hope to notify applicants by the first week of February and from past history notifications could be coming at anytime.
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