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  1. Thanks, I already asked for the list of landlords and after selecting my options will ask about specifics.
  2. Bumping this thread. Apparently the best cost-effective option to live in Champaign-Urbana is to find one or more roommates. Anyone can provide input on how roommate matching services work? (particularly, I'm considering ONE North & South as I haven't found places with a similar service yet). I will be moving from overseas so I must trust blindly in the quality of the place and the company. Alternatively, if you're living in or moving to the area and looking for someone to share a place feel free to PM me.
  3. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad Institution: Top University in South America. Major(s)/Minor(s): BA in Political Science. Undergrad GPA: Roughly translated to 3.66 Type of Grad: None Grad GPA: NA GRE: 157V/157Q/4.0W Any Special Courses: Did a grad level course on quantitative methods (mostly non-linear regression and a bit of causal inference). Went to Summer School on Mixed Methods after graduating. Letters of Recommendation: 4 from PS professors who graduated in different places in the US, distributed them strategically (I don't recommend this as things get unnecesarily complicated, just
  4. Congrats to everyone who got in, I hope you end up going to the right place. For the rest there's still hope, just stay tuned for deadline madness. Still, if nothing happens this cycle, remember that an extra year can only improve your chances.
  5. Accepted at UIUC, DGS told me they were facing some budget limitations so they were being pretty cautious this cycle. This should apply to many public schools so there's still hope for everyone.
  6. 3+1 sounds good, but usually there are departmental policies related to this issue, so pay attention.
  7. Once you're in it's highly probably the department will pay for summer schools, at this point you don't need to have one in your CV anymore. Beyond that point, I guess they look good only if they contribute to your research agenda. Edit: dyslexia
  8. I would go to A all the way, more good things to put in your application. You'll end up getting better letters from people who actually work in your field of interest, the thesis may become a good journal article and/or writing sample, RA-TAship will add to your CV, etc. Also, if you want to get a PhD you should be prepared to work in any context, being close from home shouldn't be an issue. That said, University B sounds like a nice safety option.
  9. Beer without R is Bee. I don't like bees.
  10. Comparative. I guess things will start to move relatively soon, people is already withdrawing from acceptances/waitlists.
  11. Waitlist means you're worthy of pursuing a PhD, it's just a matter of when. I'm quite ok with that.
  12. I will officially declare it as a waitlist of the waitlist
  13. Just received an e-mail from Pittsburgh but I still can't figure out what it means. It said the department is not able to recommend me for admission, but they may eventually contact me before mid April to see if I am still available (?). Not sure if it's a waitlist or an extremely polite rejection.
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