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  1. J. R., MPPA

    Columbia, SC

    Bump! From what I can tell.. Irmo and Lexington are good if you have a family and want to buy a house. Otherwise I have no idea..
  2. As I sit here, pushing 40, the idea of moving my family from the west coast to the east coast is rather daunting. We're prepared to do it, but preparation does not alleviate anxiety. Anyone else in a similar boat? I'll miss California.. born and raised.. but I was stationed in the South for a bit.. and know what to expect climate-wise.
  3. Shout out to any other people starting here in the the Fall of 16. Let me know if we'll be meeting up on orientation day!
  4. Anybody have an update for when this program is sending out acceptances/rejections/interviews/waitlist notifications? I see that some Health Behavior notifications have been sent out, but not for health policy/management. I was rejected from my top school (JH), have been accepted to my third.. but UNC is my second and I need to know what they say before I start looking for properties in South Carolina. Moving a family of four takes a lot of preparation.. the sooner I can get started, the better!
  5. I got two denials.. but my 3rd choice accepted me. I'm probably going to go to U of South Carolina if Chapel Hill is a no go. Speaking of which, has anyone heard from Chapel Hill's Health Policy phd program?
  6. Has anyone applied to Arnold (HP&M)? I'm trying to see if anyone else had an interview. Mine was a couple weeks ago.
  7. I'm guessing since I didn't get a JH invite by now, I'm not getting one ever lol. I did have an interview last week, but haven't heard from anyone else yet. Anybody hear back from Chapel Hill yet?
  8. Shoot.. I submitted most of my applications in October and September! My anxiety is so bad right now I'm having trouble focusing on my masters thesis. I'm not getting admission dreams though.. mostly just bizarre nightmares involving zombie hoards. In of itself is kind of cool.. I mean.. can't go wrong with zombies.
  9. The results page can be a real buzzkill. Watching others getting accepted to my top programs... No interviews.. no waitlists.. not a peep. I have a feeling it's basically a rejection. Is this usually the case?
  10. Do your letter writers have some sort of email filter on? SOPHAS sends the email immediately after you "push the button."
  11. IMHO? I think you'll be fine without the research component. OSU (Oregon, not Ohio ) was one of the PH programs I was looking at but had to pass up because my in-laws live within driving distance of the school. Your life experience, teaching, current MPH all factor in strongly to your application.
  12. Some programs review applications on a rolling basis regardless of the deadline. I know one program I'm applying to has a deadline in ... March?.. but they review applications whenever they get them and if I were to submit today, I could expect a response by the end of December or early January. It all depends
  13. Well, I forgot to mention that after receiving my transcripts, my application was kicked back due to an entry error on one of them. The problem was that the transcript was very non-traditional (as in there were no actual "terms") and the first person at SOPHAS that advised me on how to enter the information disagreed with the person that actually reviewed my transcript. Anyways.. that day I fixed the problem and resubmitted. The next morning everything was verified and off it went. This was the 14th.. the due date for one of my applications was the 15th. In a nutshell.. SOPHAS does work rather quickly (it seems) and also the school with the Nov. 15th deadline assured me that as long as I paid prior to that deadline, even if SOPHAS didn't complete verification by then that they would still consider the application turned in by the deadline. (Georgia State)
  14. Well that was fun (not really) but it ended up working out really well. SOPHAS received my transcripts and I made my Nov. 15th deadline for one my applications. Almost didn't make it.. but it all worked out!
  15. Just got notification that all six of my applications have been received! Transcripts, letters, all done! Now... the wait.. It's going to take a while too.. some programs have application deadlines in January and February and don't start going over applications until then... The one with a November 15th deadline made it by the cutoff though.. so I've got that going for me
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