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  1. Is there grade inflation in American graduate programs? What %age of the class get's A's - > 60%? I thought A's start at marks >90. Is it really that easy to get >90 at the graduate level - even when papers and essays are involved. Finally what is a very competitive GPA at the grad level? 4.0? Pardon all the questions, but I really do not understand the American marking/grading system. Please all the info you can provide will be very helpful. Thank you.
  2. Carzola! Remember the above from three weeks ago. It feels so good to tell you; "I told you so"! I am VERY happy for you! Congratulations! Never believe the "8ball"! Lesson learned, I hope! SUPER DELIGHTED FOR YOU!!!! Wishing you much success!
  3. This is a good idea. I suggest it go in a new thread. Others include: UCSB NYU Rochester Duke
  4. The converse of the question: If you were a POI would you prefer to send emails or make phone calls?
  5. Do people prefer phone calls or emails for notification?
  6. Even if you were a betting man, don't bet until you get lonestarflag's Game Theory signal.
  7. YES! Stay positive. Fight your doubts by remembering your historical accomplishments. Those are the seeds for your future success. Looking forward to your good news!
  8. Things are about to happen....! Release of many decisions.
  9. What day and time is your next Game Theory class? I love that signal!
  10. It might not be a bad idea to email them.
  11. Very happy for you! Be sure to tell our dear Prof BFB thank you for giving you the encouragement to write the DGS. I pray you get into the PhD program.
  12. I would suggest you receive the funds and automatically transfer it into a fixed deposit interest bearing account that you can only drawdown from year 3. This should be easy to arrange with a local bank via standing orders, etc. Better to have the funds under your control than be subject to a state institution. Remember it's California! Please pardon my paranoia.
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