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  1. Hi guys! 1) I wouldn't worry too much about it. I don't think you even have to mention it. 2) I would suggest you take that specific question to somebody who is familiar with the professors in question (eg a professor or graduate student at your university), rather than gradcafe. 3) I'll second everyone who's posted here previously and say that your tiers aren't necessarily accurate (I don't think I'm qualified to comment on which ones are which - but Rochester is defs above tier 5, at least if you're interested in formal theory), and also, fit matters. Different schools have stren
  2. I claim a Harvard And this marks the end of my cycle. It's truly been a wild ride. Thanks, Gradcafe, for making it a little more bearable. Good luck to everyone still waiting for results, and to everyone on waitlist. I hope to see you guys at admit weekends
  3. Eh, I guess I'll go: PROFILE: Type of Undergrad Institution: Top 5 Major(s)/Minor(s): Molecular Biology Undergrad GPA: 3.3 Type of Grad: N/A Grad GPA: N/A GRE: 170v, 165q, 5.0aw Any Special Courses: 3 course graduate quant methods core sequence, 2 course graduate American core sequence Letters of Recommendation: Three political science profs who I know well. Research Experience: 3 years RA for multiple profs; Senior Thesis, a couple of seminar papers Teaching Experience: Stats and R Tutoring Subfield/Research Interests: American, with a primary interest in legislatures, secondar
  4. :C I'm sure that's not true. It looks like you've got 7 schools in your sig that still haven't released results yet. Don't lose hope. Besides, there are plenty of people who applied a second time this cycle and did really well - and there was the one person who applied 4 cycles and finally got in this time around. Don't beat yourself up.
  5. I got a masters offer from chicago (I applied as a backup in case I didn't get into any PhD programs). If you search "MAPSS", you will see that there are a bunch of offers that went out.
  6. I think that even within the US, it depends on the school. There are some places where a 3.3 is about average...
  7. Sorry about your cycle Good luck! Also, I'd recommend Verzani's book, "Using R for Introductory Statistics". Quant and R go together like PB&J
  8. I feel bad for the person who got 5 rejections in a day. ouch! Also, good god the Brown rejection post. These are the kinds of people who end up populating PSR. EDIT: Who else smells sexism in "Or perhaps she wants to save her energy for her sweet partner instead"? Ugh.
  9. On the methodological pluralism point, from what I've heard, required methods training varies dramatically within the top 5. For example, I know that a large number of Princeton students (I think the majority of the non-theorists) take a rigorous three course sequence in quant methods. I think we have to remember that we're working with a fairly small n here
  10. Yeah, I've been to CC before... interesting place. Congrats to everyone who's gotten good news over the past few days
  11. If I recall correctly, doesn't the application ask for demographic details, such as race? If that is the case, it is overwhelmingly likely that the poster was white (otherwise, they must have put "prefer not to answer" on the app) I guess the reason I interpreted it cynically is because in the undergraduate admissions process, there are white people who routinely make statements like this (eg see Suzy Lee Weiss) EDIT: here's the link http://m.us.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424127887324000704578390340064578654?mobile=y
  12. I actually missed my call (so I had time to compose myself), but I saw the 650 area code and called back. I did sound excited, but I think still composed
  13. STANFORD!!!! I actually missed the phone call & had to call them back, despite all but showering with my phone for the past week (I was at dinner, & it was loud)
  14. Duke, WashU, Rochester, Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, Princeton, Michigan, Columbia, UNC-Chapel Hill I cast a very broad net when applying ...Please don't hate me xD
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