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  1. I did this once, but now that I've made a decision and my cycle is over, I thought I'd redo it. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad Institution: top 100 national university Major(s)/Minor(s): double major in political science (law and politics concentration) and women's and gender studies Undergrad GPA: 3.4 overall, 3.75 in POSC Type of Grad: n/a Grad GPA: n/a GRE: 158v/152q/6.0aw Any Special Courses: none to speak of, though I took a great deal more POSC classes than I was required. Letters of Recommendation: one from adviser (a constitutional law specialist), two from other professors (one an in
  2. If it means anything (and it may not since this is a PhD-heavy board), I'll be declining master's offers from the following schools: --American --St. John's --Case Western Reserve --Saint Louis University --University of Georgia --Marquette
  3. I have had a truly unbelievable week, which is why I haven't posted on here in a while. Since last Tuesday, I've received five acceptances, bringing my record to 7 for 7 with 5 left to announce. That's about 7 more acceptances that I was expecting and I am still completely in shock. To all of you who helped me through the long wait, thank you so much. You've been a godsend.
  4. Two acceptances for me today! This is unreal.
  5. First acceptance with money! I'm feeling approximately a thousand percent better right about now.
  6. Congrats! Chances are slim since I live quite a ways from DC, but I'm still considering it!
  7. I applied at Georgetown for the master's and I haven't heard yet, so I think we're good to go for now.
  8. I think my favorite part of this was looking at the median debt for my top choice and it was less than $3,000. Now THAT'S what I like to see: minimal debt.
  9. Just made the executive decision to buy this with my tax return.
  10. Is anyone else obsessed with reading CVs of successful academics? It's actually all I do with my life anymore... This waiting is killing me. I was really hoping I'd hear from at least one more school this week.
  11. I don't know if this is new news (probably not, since the results historically show later response times), but I emailed Syracuse yesterday and they said they're still going through PhD applications. So, for whoever is waiting for Syracuse with me, it's going to be a while.
  12. The last two Tuesdays, I got acceptances. Now my superstitious self thinks I'll get something today. (Though, likely, I'm just working myself up for nothing. Forgive me while I refresh my email incessantly.)
  13. @Cautiously and IRTheoryNerd -- thank you so much! It's good to have y'all in my corner. Since their incoming class is 5, I would tend to believe that the wait list is similarly small.
  14. I emailed the DGS at Boston College today (because I'm impatient and I couldn't stand not knowing how much longer I'd have to wait since there's a huge dearth of information on the results page re: BC POSC) asking for a timeline as to when I might hear an admissions decision. Expecting a terse 'calm down, we'll tell you soon' reply, he told me that I'm wait listed for the PhD, but accepted to the master's program. Which is actually really awesome news seeing as I applied to the master's program and was asked about my PhD intentions later. So without even applying for the PhD, I still might get
  15. That's the go-ahead I needed. Thanks so much!
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