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  1. Yeah, I watched google pictures of the hawaiian paradise that is the Manoa campus, and declined with sadness in my heart.
  2. I declined UC-Irvine and UH-Manoa; political theory subfield.
  3. Well, folks, Since the rejection from Yale was the last one of my most awaited rejections (Chicago, I've given up on you! I reject your rejection!), my cycle is now officially over. I am very happy with the options I have (and most grateful I do have options this year). I said it before and I'll say it again to everyone who anticipates having to apply for the second time: I've been there and it's surprisingly more doable than I would have believed. Even better: would I have acquired a place last year it certainly wouldn't be as good, as I am much more prepared this year, both in terms of my
  4. 'The transient academics' sounds like 'a traveling circus'. Anyway, whyyy, why are they so against those poor academics? P.S. I quite enjoyed the overarching discussion among "frequentists," "bayesians," "ontologists," and "deconstructionists" (with an occasional appearance of Derrida speaking from the Other Side) that followed the article.
  5. I really hope it will be useful for someone here: I have just declined a CU-Boulder offer, Theory subfield. They asked me to inform them of my decision as soon as I know for sure, so hopefully they will be making this offer to someone on the waitlist very soon. I sincerely hope it means exciting news for someone. I discovered, it is pretty heartbreaking to have to decline a program you are really excited about.
  6. Made me laugh. http://www.chaosmatrix.org/library/humor/reject.html
  7. Oh okay. Yeah, the British system involving two different processes for admission and for funding is a huge source of additional stress. Hopefully, you'll get one of those! I mean you already got into a pretty competitive school; a competitive scholarship should follow.
  8. Wait you mean you don't wanna go to Cambridge?! :0
  9. There is a pretty good chance that I will be attending, as I like the program and opportunities it offers a lot. I am, however, still deciding between Northwestern and another school. I wanted to ask if any of you guys are worried about the average time to degree at NW? It is 8 (!) years.
  10. Me too. As for your earlier question, I won't be able to attend the weekend unfortunately, but I will be there 3-4 days later. If you are still in the Chicago area these days, I'd be glad to meet.
  11. But I have to work tomorrow! I feel cheated. I mean I value that holiday so much, how can they deny me my day off.
  12. Haha! Didn't it get cancelled? I thought they moved it to June. (I believe you do realize it is an exclusively Russian holiday)
  13. oh YAAAAY!!! (I know how long you guys waited for that one!) Edit: grammar as always
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